The Work of Adam Harteau

Adam Harteau collage

Adam Harteau photo

A close friend of mine shared the work of Adam Harteau with me recently. She (Genevieve) thought I would like his blog Our Open Road — and I absolutely do.

Adam Harteau is no longer looking to raise funds for his 2012 Kickstarter project, but I recommend you check out the video on his Kickstarter page. I think it’s a great example of what he & his work is all about. In my opinion, it’s about Life. Life with a capital L.

Adam Harteau photography

Adam Harteau our open road


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3 responses to “The Work of Adam Harteau

  1. Dwayne Shaw

    pretty damn cool.

  2. Joseph Webb

    Greetings Aimee,

    I trust all is well on your end. Happy to receive your Sunday post once again!

    I have a question about the moccasins I saw on your website. I would like to order a size 10 1/2 if this is possible. I was unsure if there was only one material pattern available. Is this the case?

    Infinite Blessings, JMWebb

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Joseph! :)
      Nice to hear from you. That listing you saw in my shop is only for a pattern, and someone snagged it. So it’s no longer available. But there is a shop on Etsy that makes similar shoes. I believe they are sold out of men’s sizes, but I’m sure you can have them custom make you a pair. Here is a link to the shop:
      Just send them a direct message. You can do it from any of their listings, or from their Etsy profile.
      I hope that answer helps. If not, let me know.
      Much love & cheer! :) Stay in touch!

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