Blackfish Documentary


I highly recommend the documentary Blackfish. Please watch and share this film. Support it in every way you can. It’s available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

“One of the most important documentaries in recent memory.”
Philadelphia Inquirer



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5 responses to “Blackfish Documentary

  1. Hanna

    Hi Aimee,
    thats not news to me. Just seeing the trailer makes my heart BREAK. I dont go to the zoo, or circus. I am not sure I can watch me movie, but I will share it.

    • Hi Hanna,
      It’s good to watch. It made me think about people (that are in the same situation as Tilikum the killerwhale). There are so many people that are abused, or treated poorly. These people later do things that hurt others. And we wonder why society is the way it is! This society is built on years of being unkind to each other and to ourselves. In order to build a new society, we have to raise the level of awareness and change. But before change can take place, awareness has to be there. We have to fully see.
      So share it if you can. And watch it too. You might see and hear things that remind you of something else, like I did. It’s all connected. :) We are all connected! :)
      Lots of love & thanks!

  2. Hanna

    Yes, thats pure truth. Funny, cause over the course of the last weeks I had the exact thought, as I had some disturbingly negative encounters with other people. At first I got angry, too. Then I thought..well…they dont know different. They got it from the media, from their parents, from abusive relationships. This made me go soft, and take all responsibility back to myself. I need to be the start. We need to see it, as it is. I just talked to one of my “spiritual” guides “How on earth am i EVER gonna find my partner, be it in romance or friendship, when seemingly EVERYBODY is wrecked emotionally, psychologically, spiritually?” And he said “Not everybody is”. But you are right, we need to push this from the inside.

    • Wow, very powerful!–>”We need to see it, as it is.”
      So true!
      Loving what is is the first step in transformation.
      :) It’s happening Hanna. Hang in there. People are coming together more & more, and seeing & loving what is. It starts with you & me! :) Look how we connected over the internet. Look at how we are becoming more compassionate and more accountable. It’s a beautiful thing! And we are a facet, a reflection of the whole. :) It’s good news. We just have to keep going, keep sharing, keep being, keep raising and expanding the level of awareness. We live in a very exciting time! :) Xx!

  3. Hanna

    Exactly! I will hit on you via Email. <3

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