Charles Eisenstein, Important Questions & Economics 101

sacred economics 101

“If you were to take a poll today of our species asking what are the truly most fundamental questions that pertain to human survival and prosperity, such as, I don’t know… What really supports human life? How does food grow? What energy is? What creates and reinforces good public health? What defines a useful or detrimental belief system? You can rest assured that the vast majority would have more concrete answers about baseball statistics, fashion trends, sitcom plots, and religious scriptures. Not to demean the cultural pleasures and creativity of expression that creates enjoyment in this life, but we have a distortion of priority, that has proven to be incredibly detrimental to the future of our sustainability on this planet. Where the majority facing clear mounting problems not only doesn’t understand what the root of such problems really are, they don’t even know what to questions ask. And today, there is no grater destructive ignorance at hand than the vastly delusional concept known as modern economics…”
Peter Joseph (creator of Culture in Decline)

“It’s a mistake to live for the premise of security. We are here for more than just surviving.”
Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics)

This week I feel more like reading & listening than speaking & writing. So I’m not going to give my thoughts, or go into detail about why I selected those quotes to share with you. If you want to know more about Peter Joseph’s quote, watch Economics 101. <–just click that link
But I will leave you with this video of Charles Eisenstein on London Real. It’s embedded below for you. I hope you watch it.


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