Ricky Jay & The Greatest Magic Trick

ricky jay magician

I thought I would love it, and I did. I just finished watching a documentary of Ricky Jay (world-renowned magician). I wanted to see it in the theaters here in New York, but I missed it. Luckily, I just found it on Netflix (it’s also available on Amazon). The title of the documentary is Deceptive Practices: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay.

I’m attracted to films like these because I’m interested in that which can not be explained. Things that are better seen, felt, experienced, practiced. Things that can not be put into words to satisfy one’s intellect. I like worlds within worlds and people that push boundaries. Life is mysterious, people are mysterious. The masses forget this, as they struggle to push themselves into prefabricated molds society creates.

We aren’t meant to intellectually know everything, just as we aren’t meant to behave or look exactly alike. Everyone is a bit of magic. Something mysterious and undefinable — something that is best experienced directly.

What is life but a huge magic trick? It’s the greatest illusion (maya), yet we are emotionally tied to it, tethered — sitting on the edge of our seats, wondering how it all works, worrying about what will happen next — taking it seriously, very seriously. We try desperately to understand it, tame it and control it. Driving ourselves mad in the process. Losing joy, spontaneity and wonder because of our resistance to the possibility that we may never know what is behind it, how it works, or what it all means.

But what if we saw life itself as a work of art. What if we just surrendered to its artistry, and allowed it to unfold — living our lives with full presence, full attention, full wonder, as if watching a magic trick?

I love watching masters at work. They always make it look effortless. I watch them in awe. And instead of desiring to be skilled like them in a specific area, I want to be that proficient, that graceful & steady, that effortless — at life.

To be a master takes practice. And isn’t it interesting that we get to live a day over and over and over again? It’s as if we are given the chance to master a day. How many days have you lived thus far? Consider each day a chance you got to practice something magical and great. Did you treat it that way? Were you dedicated, focused, fully present & appreciative for each one of those days? See your life, see each day, as a once in a lifetime opportunity — because it is.

And remember, no one can do it like you. There is and will only be… one you. So allow the magic that is you to unfold. Everyone was created to be an original, but practice makes perfect. Each day is your opportunity to practice. Stay focused.


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