My Birthday! :)

raw cupcake recipe

I am 39 today.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to be ALIVE. How amazing.

To celebrate this last and final year of my 30’s, I will be blogging everyday (or almost everyday) for all of 2014. I can’t do it here, because this is Sunday Is For Lovers. I only spread love, views & news on Sundays! But I can do it on my website. I’ve been blogging since the beginning of the year there.

Wishing everyone a glorious day today. Feel alive. Know that each year, each day, each moment is a gift. It’s all worth celebrating. It’s all special.

[Super yummy cake photo from RawRawCakes. If you would like the recipe click here.]



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7 responses to “My Birthday! :)

  1. Have a great birthday! And thanks for sharing my recipe :)

  2. Happy Birthday Aimee. A chance to use that lovely expression-Wishing you enough. Cheers, Roger.

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  3. Betty

    Hope this was one of the best birthdays yet! Preparing for a new beginning.
    Love you.

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