Interesting Insects & Mushrooms

purple mushroom

These are photos I took while walking in the woods a few months ago. Just look at the variety found in nature. How interesting! I have many more photos, but these are just a few of insects and mushrooms. If you can identify anything in the photos by name, please let me know. You can write it in the comment section. It would be of great help to me and to the other readers.

forest insect bug

fuzzy caterpillar bug

blue green wood mushrooms

black finger mushroom

hanging slug

orange forest mushroom

yellow jelly mushroom

interesting black bug

forest tree mushrooms


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2 responses to “Interesting Insects & Mushrooms

  1. Beautiful pictures Aimee. It’s also amazing that you went out in what must be crazy cold compared to what I’m used to.

    • Thank you!
      Yes, I’ve gone on a few nature walks where after about 30 minutes, I was done! I was too cold, and had to turn around immediately and go home. One problem is, I need better shoes & gloves. I’m ill equipped. I’m going to sort that out soon. Otherwise, I’ll miss out on winter fun. ;)

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