Good Morning Okra!

red okra close up

I’m not sure if you remember this blog post I wrote sometime back titled, Meditation Sessions, Singing Bowls, & Indoor Gardens — Can You Dig It! I wrote it back in June, at the beginning of the summer. I was trying to grow an indoor garden, in my New York City apartment. I met so many obstacles along the way! It was tough. So many beautiful plants died because there wasn’t a balance of ‘good’ bugs and ‘bad’ bugs. There really is no such thing as either. Each has its perfect purpose. But I was experiencing too many bugs that are composters, who’s job is to break things down. Which is great when you want things to compost and become soil, but not great when you want things to grow!

okra leafI didn’t have enough (or any?) predator bugs, like Ladybugs, to keep these composting bugs in check, in balance. Nature has its way, and when we drastically alter it, we interfere with a perfect process. I got frustrated, and I gave up on my indoor garden project because of the ‘bad luck’ I was having with plants growing strong and happy for months, then being eaten alive by tiny bugs within a few days. Because of this, I disassembled much of what I had set up, but I put a few large planters in my guest room. I sat them next to a radiator, and in front of a sunny window. I also opened the window for them, so they could get fresh air everyday. I pretty much let them be, and only went in that room every week or so to water them.

To my surprise, one morning I walk in the guest room, and there is Okra red okra leafgrowing! :) Red and Green Okra! There is also Basil growing nicely, Tomato plants growing tall, and Hot Peppers trying their best to grow leaves & shoots. I took pictures of the little Okras growing so you can see them. They still have a ways to go, they are still in a child-like stage. Still finding their way to adulthood. I’m so proud of these little guys. They have come a long way, and withstood many obstacles. I’m going to continue to water them, and watch them, and stay out of their way! :) Hopefully the open window will allow them to feel a little like they are in the great outdoors, as I know they should be. But, I bet they wouldn’t want to be outside right now. Today it’s 26 degrees. Very cold! They might be happier inside with me. We have to do our best to find our own balance — with nature, and with each situation — as it is. Life is always a process, never a destination, never something fixed, always moving and changing, always full of surprises.

okra green



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