We Are Creators

aimee cavenecia

I was watching a short film last night about an artist, and the artist said “Humans are creators, that’s what we do.” While I find that completely true, I would like to add to that — we are human beings. We actually be before, and while, we create. And with no arms, no legs, no resources, no senses, would we be creating? Would we not still be a human being? In that situation, we might be imagining. But I bet without a doubt, we would be present to our essence, or true nature, which is to be. Being brings us back to our spirit — what we are behind it all. That being said, I do feel that what human beings do best, is create. And let’s not forget, we are always being as we are creating.

For 7 years I was in a cycle where I felt absolutely no desire to create, or to contribute to the vicious cycle of obsessive consumption that our society is currently drenched in and based on. I felt completely dead to it. It actually repulsed me. It still repulses me. But… I am now feeling that creativity has endless possibilities, and it is deeply rooted in our being. One’s life is their most creative work. Or in the words of Vincent Van Gogh, “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Intention is everything. What is the intention behind a lot of what is eye singlecreated today? Is it simply to make a sale? Or is it created to contribute to someone’s life in a meaningful way? Was it truly created out of a genuine love for people?

Everyone knows the difference between a thoughtfully handmade item, or a mass produced item with no soul. The difference between the breakfast a grandmother would make for her grandchildren, and the breakfast these children would be served at McDonald’s. The latter of both examples are a form of manipulation. A form of deception. And many of us eat it up. Many of us are addicted to it, we can’t imagine life without it. (And you can include most luxury brands in there as well, they also have an agenda that isn’t the sweetest one. I’m not just referring to junk products or foods, I’m referring to anything ‘heartless.’ Anything that has a bottom line at the expensive of a compassionate beating heart.)

Back to intention & creation. So I’m feeling more creative these days. I’m also getting clear about what I want in life, and I would like to offer that to others. I started an Etsy shop called, The Rainbow Farmer. It was my way of selling my personal things, as I prepare for a big move from the city to the country. I’ve absolutely adored this process. It’s been so exciting and so fulfilling for me. And it’s still happening. Everyday I look forward to chatting with people online, or taking my turquoise ringsregular trip to the post office. It’s been fun. It’s brought some ‘life’ & creativity back to my life. Designing a little vintage shop, photographing all the items, writing about them, etc.. It pulled out a dormant creative beast. It’s given me a lot of new ideas I want to try.

My plan is to continue selling the vintage items in my shop, to sell them out completely — then, slowly transition it into personal & spiritual handmade items by me. Items that I would buy for myself, or make for myself. Items that a mother would lovingly make for her children. Beautiful handmade items with personality, personal attachment, sensitivity, depth and history. That’s the idea. I’m going to give it a go, and see how it unfolds. I’ll definitely keep you posted on the process.

And don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea of selling vintage items as well. It’s eco-friendly shopping, it’s thoughtful & considerate shopping that can save the world. When buying vintage, we are simply reusing what has already been made, using what we already have as a people. The combination of handmade quality items, along with vintage items, and whole-some (unprocessed) foods, is the way I want to live. I’m going get creative with all of it, and I am going to make it my lifestyle. After The Rainbow Farmer turns into a handmade shop, I might open up a vintage shop again. We’ll see. I have to see how everything plays out. I’m just filling you in on what is going on with me.

What is going on with you? How have you been evolving and changing? What direction do you see yourself heading in? What are you creating for yourself & others? What do you enjoy sharing?

[If you want to check out my Etsy shop, click here. If you want to support it and purchase something, use coupon code AIMEESFRIEND20 For 20% off anything in the shop. And say, ‘hi’ and introduce yourself in the customer notes on the purchase page. :) I want to connect with you! And if you want to open your own Etsy shop, and get creative in your own way, use this link http://etsy.me/19wnJJm You’ll get 40 free listings for your shop. You can open your own shop for free.]


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7 responses to “We Are Creators

  1. I really have to do a better job of reading AND commenting on your blog. Every time I come here, it brings me so much joy. I love you.

  2. Hanna

    Thanks for sharing! As I am in the process of developing a blog and my arts further, reading your words always reminds me that “my experiences” are NOT unimportant for other people, as I can always gain great insights from yours. Have a great day!
    – Hanna

    • So true Hanna. Everyone’s personal life, perspective & experience is so valuable and so very important. Please continue to share yourself. You’ll be giving something beautiful to the world! :) Much love from NYC. (*big hug*) Looking forward to seeing/reading more of you! Keep up the great work! :) Xx!

  3. I love reading what you’re doing Aimee. This sounds great and you share from the heart. I was also thinking of starting an etsy shop of zines, journals, etc. that I’m making with my daughter from mostly recycled materials. Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of imagining lately and I’ve just reemerged with the mission of finishing a novel, revising tons of poetry and stories and submitting them. After the novel is finished I plan to look into publishing it. I have other creative plans too, things I’ve wanted to do for awhile and then talked myself out of, but lately things have been crystallized, and I’ve felt really grounded and balanced in my desires to create and share. My goal is to inspire and help people to create through sharing my own creations and collaborations. I’m definitely checking out your store and looking forward to your new creations.

    • Hello my fellow Yogi! :)
      Try the Etsy shop, you might have fun with it, and it might encourage you to stay productive with your self-expression/art/writing. It’s such a valuable lesson for your children to show them that making self-expression (and sharing that expression with others) a priority is a key to a wonderfully lived life. It will teach them that their unique expression is important, and it could happen in a myriad of ways.
      You are doing so great! I’m so proud of you. And I look forward to your zine shop. I love zines!
      Keep going. Don’t stop. Keep expressing, sharing and loving. :) You can’t lose.
      Much love & cheer!

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