THE PATH (excerpt from Rainbow Medicine, by Wolf Moondance)

smoky quartz crystal art illustration drawing

Before me I see the path. It’s a familiar path, with familiar smells, cool and inviting. I feel my feet walking on the path. It’s a pleasure to touch the dirt. I hear the Winged Ones sing their evening song. The rock people greet me as I step on them and listen to each of their lessons.

The round rocks bring me the knowledge of smoothness — the ability to roll with things. I hear their words — clearer and clearer: “When life is rough, we roll gently, tumbling to and fro on the terrain. Once we were the Sharp Ones. Once we had points and edges. But as the terrain became our way, we became smooth. Now we simply roll along, bumping and spinning and turning and bouncing.”

“It’s easy,” the Smooth Ones say. “The way of the smooth rocks is easy. Take these lessons with you and when you see us, always remember that it’s easy.”

I hold one of them in my hand. It is orange. I feel the orange color — the earth in my hand — the many, many years of rolling across the terrain. I keep that in mind, that smooth, round, orange rock. I continue to walk as the rock people speak. I see a rock that is square and flat.

“With me, you could build a house. I’m a foundation — a rock that holds things solid and can be stood upon. In the earth walk, when you build a foundation, it must be solid. It speaks of intentions. We the Flat Rocks are those you build upon. We are you intentions. We hold the planning within us.”

“This is quite an unusual place, rock. Where am I?” I ask.

“Oh, you’re on the path and we are the greeters. We are the teachers, the ones who tell you the history. We’re the ones who tell you the history. We’re the ancient recorded knowledge of vast stories. Vast stories. Many of us lie ahead of you on your earth walk.”

On my left I hear giggling, twinkling sounds of laughter. I look and there are rows of crystal within the granite rock.

“We are the crystal people and we are known as the Laughing Ones. We speak happiness to your journey. We magnify the strength of the granite. Strength is held together with laughter and joy. It isn’t a solemn thing to be strong. It’s a joyous combination of laughter, lightheartedness and the intention that the Square Ones speak of.”

I step upon a sharp rock, one that twists my ankle.

“Ohhh, you have met the lesson. The rock of paying attention, the sharp one, the one with the edge.”

Now the pain in my ankle is stronger than the lesson. I begin to cry.

amethyst fine art painting“Crying will do you no good,” says the Sharp One. “Crying is just the release of feeling sorry. It’s just sadness for the self. Look at me in a different way and look at the pain with a different face. What you’re doing, you’ve been taught. You were thinking of intention, going along in a smooth way, listening to the joy of the Sparkling Ones. Then you stepped on me and you’re sad. It is not sadness that you need. It is alertness. Where was your mind Little One? Where was your mind?

“I was paying attention to the lessons,” I say, “and admiring their beauty. It’s fascinating, this path — full of mystery.”

“Oh, you are right about that, ” say the Sharp One. “And that’s what I’m here for. The Sharp Rocks will remind you that unknown is all around you. You step in levels. Go inside the path on the first level and it goes deeper. Each lesson after that goes deeper within until finally you come to the core. And even there, the lessons spiral deeper. So this place that you’re going, you’re there now.”

“To understand spiritual intention and insight is the knowledge of the Rock People. Within each of us is the story of yesterday. Here, in the spirit world, you will find the answers and achieve spiritual insight.”

“Answers! What answers? Do you have the answers to everything?” I ask.

“Will I know everything, like how the butterflies are made and why kittens play? So you have the answers to all of those things?”

We all have the answers to those things. They lie recorded within our lives, for we are the fragments and pieces of those things.” I hear this answer from a very odd rock that is in front of me. It is smooth, thick and round. A ray of light comes from it. I get closer.

“Wow! you have a hole all the way through you!”

“Yes. I do, ” the rock replies. “I am One Who Knows. The hole is a place that takes you within my knowledge and through which you can see. Take me back into the world, on your earth walk. When you’re lost and lonely and can’t see your way, hold me up, look through the hole and pay very close attention. You’ll become aware of everything around you and you’ll understand where you are.”

“I’m going to look through you right now, ” I reply. “Because this is a really different kind of place. I’ve never seen such beauty. I’ve never been on a path where rocks could talk. I’m just a little person. It’s hard for me to remember all this. ”

vesuvianite art painting“Oh, there’s no such things as a ‘little person’ here. Little is the size. Little is a place where you are in comparison. Here, within the lessons, is a grand wisdom. You have the space to learn all that is, because each moment of existence is a part of us. Each tree person, each human, each four-legged, each winged one, — all are part of the Earth Mother and the vastness of our knowledge. We go from coast to coast and around the world in our assignments on the earth walk. While you’re on this place known as Earth, you have us to teach you lessons. I am One Who Knows. When you look for a whole with a rock in it, you are looking for balance — for the ability to focus — for seeing into the spirit world and drawing knowledge from it.”

Another rock is shaped like a pyramid. It has a point at the top. It is shiny and smooth. As I come closer I notice swirling colors and patterns. It is soft yellow and white, with lines as if painted by a brush.

“I’m interesting, aren’t I? I am agate — pyramid agate. I’m one who has knowledge. My name is Point. Sometimes they speak of me as the Pointed One. I sit on the square. My sides are of equal value and they come to a point. Every lesson, every teaching, has four corners and four sides. It gets to the top, then it’s at point — the front line. Get to the point! That will take the fear away. There will be times in your life, always, when you are scared. It’s a normal, two-legged thing to be. Fear is a way of knowing. It’s a necessary emotion that tells you to back up and take a look. It tells you when to jump and when to stand still. Listen to your fear, and then get to the point of it. When you are there — right here at the top where my head is — you’re in the place of power. You’re in control. These are my teachings. When you listen to your fear, you can understand the lesson that your fear speaks to. Then you gain power, and this takes the fear away.”

Whew! My head is spinning. Listening to Point is a hard things to do. It is hard to understand what takes fear away.

Walking further, I see purple rocks and blue ones. I see green ones. Oh, and the green ones are beautiful — a rich, dark, deep green.

“We are Emeralds,” they say. “We speak of knowledge that you will remember always. You have the ability to grow, to see beauty, This is our message. Explore. Look at life as an adventure.”

The Emeralds remind me of a town, a whole city, the way they are shaped. “Come in,” they say, and I feel myself go in. I become part of their city, and I am surrounded by rich, deep green.

The energy of green is movement — change — and it spirals around me. I feel a relaxation come over me. Worry and tension leave my body. I am changing. Fears are releasing. Acceptance is at hand. Tremendous transformation is taking place. I am no longer the same.

[This blog post is an excerpt from the chapter The Path, out of the book Rainbow Medicine, by Wolf Moondance. //  Crystal quartz cluster artwork is by Marija Nabernik. // Amethyst and Vesuviante artwork is by Carly Waito.]



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2 responses to “THE PATH (excerpt from Rainbow Medicine, by Wolf Moondance)

  1. The pacing and lucidity of this writing reminds me of SURFERS OF THE ZUVUYA by José Argüelles. Thanks for posting!

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