Don’t be silly. Where could I go?

beautiful death

I watched an excellent video yesterday. It was of  Francoise Tibika, the author of  Molecular Consciousness: Why the Universe Is Aware of Our Presence. I’ll post the video below, so you can view it. After I watched the video, I thought of a quote. The exact line I thought of was “Where could I go?” It was something I heard Ram Dass say about Ramana Maharshi. It’s a story he told often during his lectures. This is the quote in context: “Ramana Maharshi, who was a great Indian saint was dying of cancer. His devotees wanted him to receive treatments for his cancer. He said, “No, no, it’s time to drop this body.” Upon hearing this, his devotees started to cry. And they said, “Don’t leave us, don’t leave us!” He looked at them with confusion and said, “Don’t be silly. Where could I go?”

This is the quote from Francoise Tibika that reminded me of Ram Dass’ lecture, as well as verifies what Ramana Maharshi said. In the video Tibika says, “An atom can never die. This is the first law of thermodynamics. You can not lose matter. It never dies. What dies is the coherence. The coherence between your molecules, this is what is lost when you die, the glue. And this glue, which we can call the vital force, has no place in a chemical reaction; vital force does not belong to biological lexicon.” You’ll have to watch the video for yourself to get the entire picture, to have a full view of the conversation. I highly recommend it.

Death is always something our culture & society wants to gloss over, and pretend is not part of life. It is viewed as the dreaded end of life — something we should refuse to acknowledge and embrace. But death is not the end of life, it’s an integral part of it, just as birth is, and change is.

Now that I’ve started to share my thoughts, it brings up another thought: water. There is no such thing as ‘new’ water. You can read more about it here and here. Think of life as water; it’s a constant cycle, sometimes seen, sometimes unseen. And let’s not forget that we are mostly water! It’s all very interesting. Lots to think about. But it’s good we think about it and talk about it. Eventually we will become more fearless. And in fearing death less, we’ll fear life less.

[The beautiful skulls & flowers artwork is by artist Paul Alexander Thornton.]



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2 responses to “Don’t be silly. Where could I go?

  1. The spiritual master notion of “leaving the physical body” is essentially suicide. I mean, we put a sad face on it. But really, it seems logical if the body isn’t working.. right?

  2. Change is part of life. When it’s time to change, it’s time. Death is the same.
    I agree. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing, or a dramatic thing. It just is. But our culture teaches us (though tradition, the arts, the media, etc.) that death is grim and scary and shouldn’t be happening. Decay or sudden death (challenging weather, local predators, etc) happens in nature freely and seamlessly. It seems logical to me.

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