Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee — Again.

comedians in cars getting coffee chris rock

I featured Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee about a year ago on this blog, and shared how much I enjoyed watching it. Well, it’s happening again. Part 2. The second season. I watched all the episodes, and the only ones I really liked (a lot) were Chris Rock (by leaps and bounds) and Sarah Silverman (not a close second, but heaps better than the rest).  You can find all the videos on the Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee website, including my two favorites. They posted Chris Rock’s video first and Sarah Silverman’s last. I think they were trying to start and end the series on a high note. –It worked.

comedians in cars getting coffee sarah silverman



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4 responses to “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee — Again.

  1. Sita

    Yes, I have watched these several times. Sarah is hilarious :D Sock puppet face, how sweet :)

  2. Heehee, ya, that was a funny comment he made, and she took it very well. She’s great.

  3. Hi Aimee… The timing of this was fantastic.. thx! Comedians have all the wisdom… I think. Cuz they’re honest.

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