Sowing Love: How to Make Seeds Balls & The Edible City Documentary


seedball close up

Instead of writing a blog post this week, I was in the mountains of western North Carolina, randomly tossing huge bags of homemade seed balls. Having fun sowing a variety of seeds, while camping on the land for the 4th of July holiday.

seedball_sproutingSo you aren’t left out of the fun, I have a soil-rich documentary for you to watch that is filled with sowing & tilling — city style! It’s called Edible City: Grow the Revolution.  It’s about the local food movement in the Bay Area (San Francisco & Oakland, in Northern California). And not the posh & pricey kind that most city dwellers think of, but the kind that includes every community, every age, every income level. It’s quite inspiring to see.

And if you want to make your own seed balls (aka seed bombs) and toss them into empty lots, open fields, dead yards or empty gardens — try this how-to recipe from Heavy Petal, or this one from Kid Zui.

If you enjoyed the movie and want to help grow the revolution (& the Edible City cause), you can make a donation or host a screening or spread the word. More info here: grow-the-revolution


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