Brooklyn is Badass

brooklyn badass dog rescue

There are many reasons why Brooklyn is badass. But here are two:

hilary benas dog photo1) I just found out that the dog rescue team I started volunteering with was in the news (video below). They deserve it! They are so badass & so awesome. Guess what their name is? Well it’s Brooklyn Badass Dog Rescue, of course. It’s an all-volunteer-run group that saved over 800 animals. Through them, I recently met Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training and got the opportunity to sit-in on one of his training sessions. I learned so much! I highly recommend him if you have a dog. Jeff works in several cities, but recently opened an office in Brooklyn. –Thank you, Brooklyn Badass Dog Rescue & Solid K-9 Training for making a difference and taking action. I am learning so much from you. I’m super inspired. :)

David Silverberg yoga brooklyn2) I just found out that my Friday morning yoga teacher David Silverberg was in the news (video below). He is super cool & totally badass. And so is his friend Gerald “Jerry” Koch, who could face up to 18 months in federal prison for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury (get the full scoop Here). –Thank you, David & Jerry for taking a stand and for making your voices heard (in Jerry’s case, not saying anything is a powerful way to be heard).

I’m so proud to live in Brooklyn. Who knows how long I’ll be living here, but after almost 20 years of living in this city, I can say that Brooklyn and its badass residents have made me what I am today (*scratches head* …not sure what that is, but whatever I am, Brooklyn in responsible in so many ways). –Thank you, Brooklyn!

-If you want to help by making a donation or adopting a rescued dog, visit Brooklyn Badass Dog Rescue.
-If you have a dog that needs training (or saving! Jeff Gellman works with very difficult dogs), visit Solid K9 Traning.
-If you want to help Gerald “Jerry” Koch in his plight for his (and ours!) constitutional rights, visit JerryResists.
-If you want to take David Silverberg’s yoga classes (he’s not your average yoga teacher), visit DouYoga or HoshYoga.

[Picture of David in his Namaste Tree Pose via BrooklynBoulders // Picture of rescued one-eyed pup via Hilary Benas // Picture of rescued tongue-love pup via Kate Black]


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