With New Eyes: The Photography of Chris Jordan & The Responsibility We All Share


Plastic grocery bags & ziplock pouches piling up. Numerous bottle caps of various sizes. Mesh fruit bags & bands. Vegetable rubber bands. Labels & stickers. Where do they go? Maybe we should take notice.

I read a great quote the other day: “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness” (quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau)

How kind are we being when we take things for granted? How wise are we being when we destroy lives & disregard the environment?

I found Chris Jordan‘s work in January of 2012. I posted several of his photographs on my AimeeLovesYouXo Facebook page that week. Then, just over a year later, a friend sent me an email with a film that Chris Jordan completed about his MIDWAY project:

We can never be reminded enough. We can never be told enough, or shown enough. Every day, every moment, is opportunity to wake up to our own madness. The world will not wait for us to come around. Now is always the time.

In the world of form, change is inevitable. There is no escaping change. So instead of acting as though nothing is happening, or everything can stay the same — why not say “Ah! An opportunity to explore change! An opportunity to evolve. To begin again. To see with new eyes. To feel with a bigger more expansive heart! To exist with a greater awareness. What a gift this opportunity is. What a gift responsibility & a need for change is. Thank you for this gift.”

When we look at the state of the world, the state of mankind, with gratitude for the work that needs to be done, it’s a lot more empowering than guilt, shame or blame. (Plus, being in a state of gratitude just feels a whole lot better, & its way more productive.) We live in a very important time. I feel lucky to be alive as so much is rapidly changing. I feel fortunate to be able to look at my past actions & say to myself, “What was I thinking?” It means I have actually witnessed the evolution of myself. I have witnessed a transformation. An expansion of awareness. And if it is liberating & powerful for me, imagine if this is happening to everyone at the same time. How could it not be exciting? How could it not be an opportunity? How could it not be a gift?

Let’s take advantage of this opening to see, act, hear & feel with greater awareness. Let’s share with each other & help in any way we can. Let’s take responsibility individually with ourselves, as well as collectively with each other. We’ve got a lot of work to do. It’s up to us to make it happen. Day by day, moment by moment. Everything counts.

….And before I go, just remember: Plastic bags & other plastic packaging can take up to 1,000 years to breakdown, so even when an animal dies & decays after ingesting a bag, the plastic re-enters the environment, posing a continuing threat to wildlife. Packaging now accounts for 1/3 of all household waste. Please be kind. Please consider this. Always.


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