Are you an artist? Please say yes.


I found a great quote last week by Michel Foucault: “What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is related only to objects and not to individuals, or to life. That art is something which is specialized or which is done by experts who are artists. But couldn’t everyone’s life become a work of art? Why should the lamp or the house be an art object, but not our life?”
It actually ties in really nicely with some thing I wrote on my website several years ago: “I realize that everything I choose to do in my life is a creative choice – working on art, studying various modalities, designing my day-to-day life, or taking 2 weeks off just to be silent. All of these choices are serving a larger picture that I am creating. I now believe that my life is my most important & creative work.”

Another quote I really liked was from Mike Giant. Well, actually, I just liked the whole video (embedded below), he shares his philosophy on life. Mike definitely looks the part of the artist, but I really like that he gives credit to his personal values, for fueling much of his creative & self-expressed lifestyle. Definitely watch the video, but here is a small quote: “I try to be non-violent and peaceful. And being able to make a living as an artist allows me a lot of that — meditative working time and a relaxed way of living. “

Everyone has the opportunity to be creative & live their values. Most of us are very lucky. We have so much at our fingertips to create a life that reflects who we are on the inside. Even if someone is in a dire situation, or has very little to work with, there is always an opportunity to shine, to feel free & to be creative.

For all of us, this quote by Jean-Paul Sartre is something to consider: “What is important is not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us.” Every moment is uniquely ours. Everyone is an artist. Each person’s life shows many of their creative choices. And often times, those with very few options can be the most clever, the most imaginative. The most creative artist isn’t the one who has the most paints, or the most talent, it’s the one that has the most heart. Let’s not forget the Latin root of the word Courage. It’s Cor, which means Heart.

Live your life with heart! Have the courage to live your life from the inside out. Let your life reflect all that you love. Use your imagination. Don’t be shy!

[Portrait of Mike Giant is from The Wild Styles site.]



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2 responses to “Are you an artist? Please say yes.

  1. Sita

    Love that! Thnx for the reminder :)

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