diagram of the brain

in·com·pre·hen·si·ble (nkm-pr-hns-bl, n-km-) adj.

  • Difficult or impossible to understand or comprehend.
  • Impossible to know or fathom.
  • (Archaic) Having no limits; boundless.

When I was younger, I was flooded with questions. Questions that left me restless for a lifetime. I was at war with life in my mind. Only recently have I been able to experience a sense of peace & tranquility. Much of that peace I have been experiencing is from making peace with life. Making peace with the fact that somethings can’t be understood with the mind.

I’ve had numerous experiences over the last 15 years that have slowly chipped away at my rigged inflexible mind. Some are metaphysical experiences, either alone (via astral projection) or with several people that shared their siddhis with me (such as, remote viewing, retrocognition & clairvoyance).

Other experiences were with my body, very physical & tangible experiences that showed me that even though I might know a lot about a particular subject, it doesn’t mean diddly squat. It taught me that there is a higher intelligence, that is not based on research, formulas, or data. An ‘unreasonable intelligence’ that is incapable of being broken down into predictable tangible bites for the mind to bite down on, to swallow, or to latch on to (for security).

My most recent mind-opening experiences are based on the insight that much of life is illogical. From something as big as ‘What is the meaning of life?’ to something as small as ‘How will I attain this goal?’ When I surrender, when I trust that there is a nonlinear reality that I cannot comprehend — & the best I could do is to open myself to it. To humbly & gracefully move through life, as if I am being moved by an inconceivable unconditional force, beyond my understanding. Only then do I begin to understand. Only then can I live life effortlessly & joyously. Only then do I experience (or simply be) peace. And the interesting thing is, more is accomplished this way! I have made greater progress ‘giving up’ & letting go, surrendering & trusting, than I have made via years of effort or hard work.

I used to see paradoxes as cruel. I felt they were tricky or ruthless. Now I see them as liberating.

I used to see humility as weak. I felt it was debilitating or defeating. Now I see it as empowering.

Not being able to comprehend is now comforting for me. It’s no longer a war with my mind (or with my ego).  I no longer feel trapped by it, or victim to it. It’s like being in still water. Instead of resisting it, fighting it to the point where I am literally sinking — I love it & trust it — accepting, resting & floating on it, I allow it carry me. The difference in feeling & attitude between my past view & my current view is dramatic: one is stressful & chaotic, the other is relaxing & exhilarating. –Which would you rather have?

If you prefer the latter view, my advice is, simply watch yourself. Notice. (I know I say that over & over in blog posts, but it’s for a reason.) Notice where you are resisting. Notice when you are battling for what you think is right or wrong. Notice where you are struggling. Notice for how many years this has been going on. Then catch yourself. Catch the tension in your mind, or in your body (usually it’s both). Catch yourself when you are fighting with life. Do it with kindness. Be gentle. Be very gentle. Simple say, “Ah ha. I’m afraid, I’m fighting. Some part of myself is struggling. My mind is rigid. I’m resisting.” Then ease-up a bit. Back off. Lighten up. Find your humility. Trust life. Trust the Unknown. Begin to slow down. Find your rhythm. Allow yourself to be moved & guided. Surrender to the moment. Feel your facial muscles slowly relax. Feel your shoulders drop. Feel your chest open & your lungs expand. Breathe. Then see if you can smile. Sit with this smile. Laugh or exhale fully. Release. Then pick up where you left off with newfound love & enthusiasm. Newfound humility & strength. With newfound joy & wonder. Return to the child that you will always be. There is no such thing as a grown up. Therefore, no need to be perfect, no need to have all the answers, no need to have it figured out. It’s impossible.

[The very cool brain illustration in the back of my photo was snagged from the Yourself Series. From their post titled, Your Nervous System. Check their work out, it’s good stuff!]


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