Silence : Rest : Ease : Peace

stillness peace silence easeYou came here for something — to read something, to see something, to experience something. Consider that you might just be in need of some ease.

I feel it so clearly, although distraction & entertainment would be nice, some space to simply breathe & be at ease would be better.

Take a moment, take a moment to simply stop. Stop looking for something, stop needing to know, stop finding a way — just be here. Allow yourself to be breathed & to be loved. Allow the sounds around you to enter your ears. Allow the sensations on your skin to be felt. Feel the weight of the body & then let go of it. Feel the weight of your thoughts or your desire to constantly effort, then let go of it. Just rest.

Just relax & rest. Do nothing & be moved. Just notice. Notice feelings, notice thoughts, notice desires — then let them pass. Allow your body to handle your needs: the thinking, the heart pumping, the the lungs breathing — trust it. Trust life.

Take 10 minutes, 10 full solid minutes, to simply trust life & to completely let go. Allow 10 minutes to pass, with you giving up control & trusting that this moment is the most valuable, exciting & precious thing you could experience. Don’t create it, don’t plan it, don’t judge it — just listen to it. Be present for it. This presence is not for it, but for you.

Presence is your gift to yourself. A gift so powerful, that it continues to give to those around you. Presence is powerful. And it’s always right here, patiently waiting for us to accepts its gifts.

Taking the time to stop, to see, to hear, to feel, to let go — it will supply you with any rest, peace, ease, or resolution that you might be looking for. Nothing is needed in order for this to happen. It’s yours for the taking.



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2 responses to “Silence : Rest : Ease : Peace

  1. Peace, Aimee! OK, so I read this. I thought “…that was nice, sweet, and a solid reminder.” Then I scrolled down and saw this: “STOP WAITING FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN / GO OUT AND MAKE THEM HAPPEN”

    …what do I do now?! Ahhhhhh…. I’ll wait ten minutes and come back.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading this Sunday’s blog post. :)
      Being ‘present’ is not waiting, and it’s not ‘making something happen’ — so the quote you read in the sidebar is from a totally different thought (& author). :) Not related at all. Allover the blog, and every week, I share whatever the current thought is. Whatever I might be feeling, thinking or inspired by. Each day stands alone as it’s own reminder or message. Have fun with them all! They all have their own gift to give. :)

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