The other night I caught myself again. I wasn’t where I was. I was somewhere else. Somewhere where most people often are. I was stuck on a thought. Lost in past & future. Thinking about something that happened yesterday, & wondering how it might influence tomorrow. –Then I snapped out of it.

I noticed where I was & what was happening at the present moment. Getting present brought everything into focus. I began to see what was true, what was happening in the moment — without a story about it. My feeling, my breathing, my mood, my energy — everything lifted. I went from a small boat, being knocked around by rocky waters, to deep presence, deep stillness. I was suddenly content; relaxed; at ease.

I thought of a map, & I made the connection. Minutes ago I was all-over the map, lost in thought, then suddenly saw the arrow & words: YOU ARE HERE. Of course, of course! What a great reminder! In thought, I was lost in past & future. But when I bring myself back to what it feels & sounds like at this moment — nothing I was feeling or thinking about matches, or compliments, this moment at all. It actually took away from it, overshadowed it — ruined it. What is happening now is divine & spontaneous & perfect. A gift.

And when I imagine myself in a bigger picture, on a much bigger map. How silly it all is! What in the world would I ever want to stress about, or take seriously, or personally? Everything becomes laughable & danceable. Everything becomes light. Infinite. The idea of a little me to identify with completely disappears. I fade into the whole. The wholeness of totality. I become imperturbable — because I no longer exist! I become a spec of cosmic dust. Stardust. Or dirt!

To be laughable & danceable: no longer in control; no longer important; no longer separate. Just some-thing or no-thing that is moved. I love being moved. I forget how easy life can be — when I stop resisting it.

Earlier in the week, on the same day, my nephew became a father & my friend lost his father. A child was born & a father died, on the same morning. I received a celebratory email, & I also received a bereaving email — moments apart from each other. All I could do was be present & respond to each email from an authentic place. The transitoriness of life was so present for me. I was awake to the transitory nature of life. The news of both events woke me out of my slumber — the daily grind haze, the fog that we sometimes get enveloped in.

How precious life is. What an opportunity it is. What an adventure it is. Why would I ever want to waste a moment of it lost in thought, when the present moment is rich & new & full of life? Why would I ever want to resist the flow of life, by wanting things to be different, by being stuck on how I think things should be? I’ve replaced the old habit of questioning life, for the new habit of trusting life. Trusting that it knows what is best for me. That it sees a bigger picture, one that I can not see.

It’s like a sprinkle on a doughnut concerning itself with what its place might be on the doughnut; in the bakery; in the town; in the country; in the world; in the universe. Stressing over it; taking it personal; over thinking it. It is unable to see all the other sprinkles, or even the doughnut. It’s way out of its scope. Its best bet would be to enjoy its place on that doughnut & to have fun being a sprinkle. To just shine & allow life to unfold. To enjoy it all — the mystery of it all! To be present to each moment, as if it were the greatest gift it could ever be given. To simply be present to the present.

What a powerful way to live. And it’s always there for us. Silently there all the time. Waiting for us to wake up to the beauty of it. To the beauty of ourselves. To the beauty of presence.

We can simply start with the present moment. What is happening, right now? Where are we, right now? Without the past or future stirred into it. This moment, just as it is. Us, just as we are. Here. Now.



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10 responses to “YOU ARE HERE

  1. tam

    Just loved this, Aimee. The sprinkle on the doughnut analogy was great :)

  2. Very nice! I often feel when I’m indoors that I should be documenting life outdoors. Then I go outside and I think “I should be documenting what just happened outside.” After reading your piece, I thought: “Perhaps I should stop documenting for a moment.” I would sum up your piece as “Life is right.” And, by the way, I think you could turn this into a spoken word poem.

    • Ahw, thanks for saying that. :) Nice of you to say.
      Yes, I agree!
      There is a quote I like: “Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?”
      I think so many of us are miserable because we want to judge life, or judge the moment. But if we can let that go, we could be happy. Happiness could be effortless & continuous. Like causeless contentment.
      So yes, if we give up the need to be right, & allow life to be right. We have it easy! Life becomes effortless. :) No more struggle. Frustration disappears. Wants become less. Life becomes beautiful. Love becomes unconditional. — Sounds like happiness to me! :)

  3. bareadventurer

    Thank you for the timely, much needed reminder. This is it and it is perfect. Keep shining forth your beautiful light. xx Janna

  4. terrysingh

    if there would be one little piece to sum up what enlightment is,
    it is this–i know it intimately–that you come from a place beyond what we call would realized to a guide.

    i wish to read this piece over and over every day as a mantra.
    i think i will.

    thank you for what you are, everything and nothing.

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