Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Just like I like non-fiction books & documentaries, I like intimate conversations. I’ve posted a few conversations on Sunday Is For Lovers before. Like the one between Ram Dass & Terence Mckenna, or the one between Benjamin Smythe & Rick Archer, or the film called Examined Life, or the show called Conscious TV. All of those recorded meetings feel intimate to me. I really enjoy watching them.

A funny, sort of intimate, conversation series was brought to my attention this week, it’s called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. It’s very short, sweet & to the point: Jerry Seinfeld drives to pick up comedian friends to have coffee & maybe a quick meal. And he selects a special car, that he thinks reminds him of the person he is going to have coffee with. You can see all the episodes by visiting the show’s website, but I embedded a few below for you to check out.

Coffee with Larry David

Coffee with Brian Regan

Coffee with Michael Richards

Coffee with Alec Baldwin



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3 responses to “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

  1. Sita

    O yes, i love those! i watch them as soon as they come out :) I find the one with Michael Richard special, how he puts on the wig and then his double stands just next to them when they got out of the car – not set up at all. Also the chess player story, what gifted people there are and we don’t notice them. Anyway, all the guests are special :) I just found out Jerry meditates every day for years (TM) here’s a link about it:
    Thanks for posting this and have a lovely weekend!

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