Conscious TV (my favorite show)

I’ve never been much of a TV person, so for that reason, I don’t own a TV. But there is one show that I found fairly recently online, that I really like & look forward to! It’s called Conscious TV. I either watch it via their website, or I catch the shows on their Youtube channel.

It’s a show created by Iain McNay (successful co-founder of the London punk rock record label, Cherry Red), & his wife, Renate McNay.  The show is basically conversations centered around several main topics: consciousness, healing, non-duality & psychology. There is usually the interviewer (usually Iain McNay) & a guest. Sometimes it’s a very joyous interview, where they agree with each other & get along well, & sometimes it’s not. But in either case, it’s usually an intimate & sincere discussion or debate.

I’m quite fond of Iain McNay & how vulnerable & honest he can be. A great example of this, is his interview with Francis Lucille. Take a look… (this is only the last 8 minutes of the interview)

I had so much respect for Iain after I watched that interview. Francis Lucille is a very popular & well respected authority on the topic of non-duality, with a worldwide following that is quite large. For Iain to show his sensitivity like that, took so much courage. I take my hat off to him for taking such a risk & for having such integrity. Wow!

Here are two (full) interviews I enjoyed from Conscious TV. I think they are inspirational, I hope you do too.

Interview with Bruce Lipton

Interview with Dr Amit Goswami



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5 responses to “Conscious TV (my favorite show)

  1. Dr Amit Goswami seems like such a nice guy. I’d like to share a tea and/or pastry with him.

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