5 years old? :) Woh. — Friends, parties, thoughts & thanks.

Can you believe it? Sunday Is For Lovers is 5 years old this month! 307 blog posts & so many new friends later — the blog has taken a life of its own. It just keeps happening & growing. It’s so clear to me how much I love doing this. It really is something that lights me up & brings me joy. The blog allows me to connect with everyone easily, & it also gives me a creative outlet to express myself, process my thoughts, & to share what is important to me. I think that is why the years are passing so quickly & the blog keeps evolving organically.

On Friday I was invited to be interviewed on a radio station with my friend Chris Kendall. We were promoting a fruit-picnic-party (a.k.a. Frickin’ Fruitluck!) we were having in New York City on September 1st. It was so natural to talk about my blog when the talk show hosts asked me about my personal life & work. Sunday Is For Lovers speaks for me in so many ways, that it makes me see how I was virtually voiceless in the 3-dimensional creative work I did in the past. I feel like the blog gives me a voice that I never had before. It’s a gift, an opportunity to express myself & to be creative. After 5 years of gathering my thoughts & sharing them, my voice is finally beginning to make an audible sound.

I’m so grateful for this blog. I’m grateful for the technology & the open format. But I’m even more grateful for those that choose to share it with me. For everyone that reads it, or glances at it, or comments on it, or contributes to it. It’s all equally important. And it’s all equally valuable. This opportunity we have to connect & share with one another is priceless. It really does mean the world to me. Thank YOU.

If you would like to hear the radio interview from Friday, CLICK HERE so that you can listen to a digital recording of the show. (Super Big Thanks to the show Pure Imagination, & to the hosts Rachel Trachtenburg & Julia Cumming. I totally adored them both & I am so proud of the work they are doing. In addition to being radio show hosts, they have a band called Supercute!)

And if you want to see pics from the fruitluck, here are a few. (Thanks to Exercise Compassion for being on the scene, for taking pics & video, & for doing heaps of work to help with heaps of compost. Thank you!) Please excuse the extreme kid face I am making in my photo. I tend to get overexcited when eating fruit with friends.

We even had the fortunate experience of listening to a didgeridoo while we picnic-ed in perfect weather. Bliss! Absolute bliss! (Thanks to Even Hugh Worldwind for sharing such a high vibration. Come to his party in October. It’s going to be fun!)

Massive Thanks goes to Chris Kendall. Thanks for being such a great friend! And for giving me the opportunity to co-host your fruitluck in New York with you. And for all of the good energy & love you share with the world. Your spirit, & your work is needed & appreciated. Thank you!

The last thanks, & most Juicy Heartfelt Ultra Mushy Thanks, goes to a friend that I’ve had for 20 years. One never knows, but as far as I know, this blog wouldn’t exist without my good friend Genevieve McCaw encouraging me to check-in with her about the progress I am making on my creative projects. For a short time, Gen & her then boyfriend (now husband) Charlie Becker, were meeting with me on Sundays, over brunch, to talk about creative work & ideas. Not just work we were doing for money, or as our usual creative work, but ideas that were personal. After we realized that the meetings over brunch couldn’t continue, & she & Charlie would move to Los Angeles,  I told her that we would stay connected through a blog. (This also gave me the opportunity to stay in contact with my other friends & family, that I don’t get to see regularly. A win win!) Gen told me the best way to get started blogging (since she was the blog pro), & she put me on the writer’s path (something that was completely unfamiliar to me). So Sunday Is For Lovers was born. And here we are, 5 wonderful years later. Instead of sharing personal creative projects, the blog became one. Thank you, Gen. I love you so much. You have been such a guiding force in my life. So many things were born out of your love & support.


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10 responses to “5 years old? :) Woh. — Friends, parties, thoughts & thanks.

  1. tam

    Happy 5th anniversary, Aimee! I’ve followed your blog for a few years and have enjoyed its evolution and reading your thoughts on food, spirituality, art, music…I keep reminding myself to check out Philip Glass cds from the library, thanks to you! Glad you enjoy blogging so much–thanks for all you’ve given!

    • Thanks, Tam! Wow, so you really have seen it evolve. Thank you so much for sticking around & being a part of it. That means a lot to me. I really appreciate that. Thank you.
      And you can always “YouTube” Philip’s name & listen to his music there. I always do that. It’s so easy & you get to hear so many songs for free. :)

  2. Oh my god, I love you dear friend. You forgot to mention, you are also the godmother of my child. And the sister god gave me to replace the one I love. I love you dear woman. I love you with all my heart.

    • You gave me the opportunity to be a God-Mom (I had no child of my own).
      And I feel like I’m your God-Sister (you tragically lost your sister).
      You are the social butterfly & I am the shy homebody. Some how we balance each other! Yay!
      The Universe definitely brought us together. It knew we would have fun being in each other’s lives.
      I’m trying to visit California during Christmas/New Year’s time. Let’s meet at your Mom’s place. Or maybe I will come down to LA. But let’s see each other for sure. Let me know where you’ll be.
      Love you. :)

  3. Lisa

    Congratulations Aimee on your special 5th anniversary. You remain a constant spiritual light and a very lovely creative tour-de-force. I’m so very glad you’re here!

  4. Sita

    Congratulations Aimée, I love your blog and it was great to hear you and Chris in the radio interview :) Hope to be able to join you guys one day at the Fruitluck! I loved it what you said about non duality. Thank you ;)

    • Thank you, Sita! :) I’m so glad you got to hear the interview.
      And I do hope you can get together with us at another event.
      Maybe it will be one near you! The future is always a surprise.

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