John Frusciante: It’s all one thing

I was trying to explain the unexplainable this week. I was teaching meditation online, as I do from time to time, and it’s always such a strange thing to try to describe the indescribable, or explain the unexplainable. Saying things like: “Moving away from the idea that someone is doing something, or that someone needs to do something in order for something to happen.” and “If suddenly I tossed a ball your way, you would catch it without thinking. It would be effortless & thoughtless.”

We get so wrapped up in the ‘survival of I’ world. So imbedded, even lost, in the world of distractions, that we have drowned out the subtleties of life. Our innate & intuitive knowing, & our spontaneous effortless nature, has become a mystery to many of us. Beingness & awareness have become words to explore, instead of who we are as a whole.

No one does anything. No one makes anything happen. There are so many factors involved in everything. And forces beyond our comprehension.

If I think of the greatest things, or most significant things in my life right now. What I love most, what means the most to me, what is truly contributing or important to my life. If I make a list, not one thing on that list would be anything I would have control over. Nothing on that list would be something that I solely put together or chose for myself. They are things that happened for whatever reason. Things just fell into place.

I stumbled upon this John Frusciante video (posted below) a day or two after that meditation session. As I listened to John speak, it reminded me of so many thoughts that I had.

As John Frusciante was speaking, I felt such an affinity to so much of what he was saying. Many mental notes of past thoughts I’ve had ran through my mind…
Nothing is new
Love is unconditional
Creativity births itself

They would pop into my mind as he shared his ideas.

John also exuded an energy like he had so much more to say, but that it couldn’t find its way out. Somethings can’t be expressed in a structured limited language. The written word can never fully describe what one can only feel or intuitively know. But as I continued to listen to John’s interview, I continued to jot down thoughts…
We have no control
Get out of the way
Give up control
Embrace the moment (as it is)
Love who you are
Trust the unknown
Have compassion always
It’s never about you
Don’t take it personal
Allow life to flow
Spontaneity is the key
There is only now
Stop thinking start listening
Intuition is everything
Follow your feelings
Let yourself be moved
Don’t be afraid to risk (you have nothing to lose)
Understanding is overrated
Live without reason

It’s all so interesting. The paradox that life is. How simple life can be when we stop trying so hard. How effortless life is when we allow ourselves to be.

Just like we look at earth like it’s one thing, or the solar system, or our bodies — why not see that it’s all one thing? From the micro to the macro, it’s all the same force. Everything is moving, everything is being moved.

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7 responses to “John Frusciante: It’s all one thing

  1. Moi

    This is all very wise Aimee. Thanks for putting this together every week.

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  2. Robin

    Except for some of us spoken or written language is the music. So no reason to dismiss that as ineffectual in expressing the ineffable. It’s as hard for me to listen to him trying to articulate in words as it would be for him to hear me play his instrument. But they both come from the same place.

    • I don’t consider music a structured limited language.
      That’s why people can relate & resonate with music, no matter what written/spoken language they speak. There is a universality that music has, that the English language does not have.

      Also, if you read texts about non-duality, beingness, advaita, or anything like that — you will see how silly it can be to use words. They never quite make the mark.
      Maybe music would be the same in that case. (*laughing*) What sound or rhythm would best explain it?

      But if we are only saying that writing is art, music is art, & that it can describe a feeling or knowing — ya! :) Rumi, Philip Glass, lots of people do it. No doubt about that. But I was touching on something specific. Something like non-duality or beingness.

  3. ooops, I think the link for “meditation online” does not work. Aloha Dear Friend :-)

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