Life was good this week. And when people share a deeper part of themselves, when they aren’t afraid to reveal the truth, or share what they love, or express what resonates with them — life gets better, richer. It gets fuller & more powerful.

This week I revisited a website. I was pleasantly surprised that they posted two new videos that I had not seen before. These films were so personal, so intimate, so truthful — that it left me feeling fully alive. Fully in touch with my humanness. That feeling is inspiring for me. I love having these kinds of moments & interactions with people. Be it in person one-on-one, or through someone’s work, like a film.

I embedded three films from that website for this week’s blog post (& I embedded another one on my Facebook page). Watch all four of them if you can. They are all quite unique.

All videos were created by Ben Wu & David Usui of Lost & Found Films.
If you know of any curious or eccentric homes that you think they should check out, you can contact them through their website: THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.

Top photo found on Tumblr via unequal-design & @annfriedman.

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