You Give Me Pleasure ;) ♥ Xx..

Hello Sunday Lovers! If you are wondering why I have posted this Sunday’s blog post early, it is because I have left for a road trip. This weekend I will be visiting the Catskill Mountains.

I will see you when I return! Until then, please enjoy all of the things that have given me warm-fuzzy-inspirationally-positive feelings this week. — Have a great weekend!

The idea of leaving everything behind & moving into the woods brings me pleasure. For more info on the awesome treehouse: click here.

Tavi Gevinson is such a gem. She sparkles. And I think her idea of uniting rallying like-minded teens is brilliant. To view her latest project: click here.

Orange wedges or Orange juice — so juicy, so tasty, it lights me up. I could easily have it everyday. If I can get my hands on a case of citrus. I’m happy.

One of my new favorite documentaries is Zizek! It’s wonderful. I found it on Youtube. If you would like to view the entire film: click here.

I’m loving this site called PicMonkey. You can turn any humdrum photo into a work of art. Just drag your photo on the homepage & have fun! After that, you can save it to your desktop.

Currently reading The Journey Home, by Radhanath Swami. Every page is an adventure. Also, there is a lecture he gave at Harvard that I really enjoyed. To view the video: click here.

Just the thought alone of jazz brings me pleasure — but watching John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, & Elvin Jones play by brings me super-pleasure!



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2 responses to “You Give Me Pleasure ;) ♥ Xx..

  1. Wow Aimee…you have the best taste in…everything. Must be the capricorn thing! I hope you have a truly lovely time in the mountains that feels like you have escaped and let go of everything!

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