Caine’s Arcade: A Metaphor For Life

Are we trusting that the Universe supports us when we take risks in a loving way?

Are we listening to our intuition & following through on its guidance?

Are we using our creativity or talents? And more importantly, are we using them to be of service to others?

Are we dedicated to the best life we could imagine for ourselves & for those around us?

Are we sharing the enthusiasm, passion & love we have? Are we sharing it openly with our neighbors & community?

Are we making an effort to connect with others through the numerous resources we have? Are we connecting in a meaningful or lasting way?

Are we believing in ourselves enough to give others reason to believe in us too?

Are we trying all that we imagine? Have we given what lights us up a fair shot, or a fair chance? If not, why not? Anything is possible.

Are we going all-out for something that we know is great, or that we hope someone else might think is great too?

Are we working towards something that directly contributes to the happiness of others?

Are we doing our work with joy in our hearts & love in our intentions? Are we doing it for the greater good?

Are we happy to do what we do?

For more information on Caine’s Arcade or Caine Monroy, visit or Caine’s Arcade on Facebook. For information on Nirvan Mullick (the filmmaker who directed the short film & Caine’s first customer!) visit


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