Gabriel Angelo: The San Francisco Trumpet Kid with Distinguished Style

“I live with all my heart and soul. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I’ve given something away, to the people.” – Gabriel Angelo

As most of you know, I am originally from Northern California. I grew up in the East Bay, across the water from San Francisco. I moved to New York in the summer of 1996, with the idea I would one day return to the Bay Area. Well, I ended up loving New York City so much, that that day never arrived. And I am sorry to say, that I am quite out of touch with what extended family is up to back home. It’s been many years since I have spent quality time with anyone outside of my immediate family (which I stay in contact with).

Interesting thing is, yesterday I received lovely news from my sister. She sent me an email that read: Have you seen what our cousin is up to? She attached video of Gabriel Angelo playing the trumpet. I thought, “Wow. What a cutie. What a talent!” His spirit was truly undeniable & charismatic. As I looked at him & pondered his name, it sounded familiar, like I knew it from somewhere else. Then it occurred to me that I knew it from Twitter. Gabriel tweeted “Hi” to me (@AimeeLovesYou) back in February. I replied to his tweet by saying “Thanks for the hello, Gabriel. Lots of NYC energy sent your way.” But I honestly had no idea that he was family! I just never made the connection. (Unless I see the last name Cavenecia, I never assume one is related to me. If I see Cavenecia, I know immediately!). I often meet people through my blog & Twitter. People frequently reach out to say hello, to promote their work, or to ask a question. I assumed it was one of those typical encounters when I received a tweet from @MasterBlasterG (Gabriel Angelo’s twitter name).

I replied to my sister’s email. And received a reply from her featuring another video of Gabriel, this time with his mother. Gabriel’s mother (who is married to my first cousin on my father’s side) has always been dedicated to her children. So when I heard that this was her son, it didn’t surprise me. I always assumed her kids would be bright. But I was thinking smart, intelligent — not playing the trumpet, decked out in Brooks Brothers suits! But nonetheless, it made me smile that the hard work & dedication she put in, provided the nourishing environment for a talent to grow & a unique character to flourish. I’m so proud of Gabriel, his mother & his father. Such a wonderful gift. The love, the trust, the hard work, the talent, the challenge, the dedication, — it’s all a gift. And I am so glad that they are brave enough to share it with the world, & to see that fearless service is the key to life. A life of service is the highest calling. To dedicate yourself to the joy of others, is truly Divine.

Gabriel Angelo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

For more information on Gabriel Angelo, follow his personal blog, his twitter account, & his Facebook page.

And yes! I know he plays a cornet & not a trumpet!
But he is commonly known as the Trumpet Kid — so I’m going with it!


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6 responses to “Gabriel Angelo: The San Francisco Trumpet Kid with Distinguished Style

  1. Thank you so much cousin Aimee for your encouragement. That was a lovely article. You are a very passionate person in what you do. And don’t stop believing ….. hold on to that feeling.

  2. Sita

    What a talented young man ;) Awesome vid with Ellen! I would be proud too, Aimée. Wonderful to see how he is passionate about this. Best wishes :)

  3. dwayne


    So in love with your cuz. What a spirit and soooo inspiring! But really, I expect that kind of creativity from your fam. All of you are so creative.

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