I love seeing passionate people. They really turn me on. (*smiling*) Seeing someone else light up over something (even if I can’t completely relate to it) illuminates the whole idea of being alive. Sometimes I think, “oh, this being a human being thing is silly. What’s it all about? I’m tired of playing in this form (Aimee as a physical body). I want to move on to something more…” but then I can’t answer it. Something more what? Something more interesting? Life is interesting. Something more real? Being a human can feel pretty real. Something more beautiful? Beauty is everywhere, if one chooses to see it. So what then? And why not get passionate about something, anything. Have fun with it & go all out! Let it light you up & those around you.

What lights you up?
What do you love?
What is important to you?
What is fun to share with others, or keep all to yourself?

For me it’s really simple. I love being with my thoughts. I love having space to think. I love having the freedom to just be. One of my very favorite things to do is spend hours in a cafe. Sometimes I write for my blog, sometimes I make notes about ideas I have or changes I want to create in my life, sometimes I just sit, sit & watch people. Often I pick a cafe for the music they are playing. I like to listen to the music that the barista & the staff are playing. It tells me a little about them, & it also says something about me. I like noticing what I respond to, what I like. But to get back to the point, I think this ‘alone-time in a cafe’ or ‘space to think’ just boils down to being. I feel the same excitement about sunbathing on the roof, or camping trips alone, or being up in the middle of the night when it’s still & silent, or spending lunchtime in the park lying on the grass as I snack away on something. It’s all the same really. It’s being passionate about being & simply loving it. So I guess the next time I have an “oh, this being a human being thing is silly. What’s it all about? I’m tired of playing in this form” thought, I can just remember that I am passionate about many things, & one of those things is being.

Check-out how cool it is to be lit up about what you love…

Passionate about vintage books

Passionate about tradition & music

Passionate about giving hugs

Passionate about handmade bluejeans

Passionate about rock climbing

Passionate about loom weaving

Passionate about sustainability & compassion

Passionate about making art

Websites & information for the people featured in the videos: Brazenhead Books New York; Brown Rice Family Brooklyn; Roy Slaper Jeans; Nina Caprez Climber; Fez Weaving Studio; Antoine DdeM Vegan; Beauchamping Art Work.



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5 responses to “WHAT IS YOUR PASSION?

  1. Sita

    Haven’t read your post yet, only saw the title and immediately wanted to let you know: I just came back from my Sunday-Live-drawing-friends at the Academy! Couldn’t go there for 3 years and now I’m so happy!!! I LOVE love it there, everybody was warm and welcoming, we had a beautiful model and although I had to work hard, in the end it turned out that I haven’t lost that much skill. Yes now I’m sure: I feel passionate about art and will take it up again: live drawing, portraits and sculpting too. Don’t know where I’m heading with this, but it feels home! How lovely you chose this subject this Sunday :) And the Sun is shining too!!!!
    Love, Sita

    • Yay, Sita! How full of life you are! :) Isn’t being passionate about something exciting? It’s wonderful!

      • Sita

        Oh, I’ve missed that for quite a while and today it makes me feel as if I’m invincible! For instance, during the break one of my friends said: ‘you can’t live on bananas, that’s stupid! Go to a doctor already’ I said: You know, I don’t even go there…( I made a long nose with my thumb) For a moment I was a bit angry inside, felt misjudged, but then I decided to enjoy the drawing, the music we always listen while working and all negative feelings melted away. Later I had a nice talk with the same person about our work that day and all was sunny again quite instantly :) That’s what joy can do, I thought. So I’ll keep that in mind ;)

      • Ahh, yes :) the “fruits are too much sugar” & “bananas don’t make for a proper meal” & “you need more that to be healthy” comments – they are all too familiar. Meanwhile, I continue to feel happier & healthier when I eat lots of bananas & other things that go against what we have been told (or should I say sold). I got the same comments when I became a professional artist years ago “you can’t make a living doing that” & “you will still need a real job” & “doing art is not practical”. But look at what happened – everything turned out fine & here I am! :)
        Keep on following your heart Sita. Don’t let your head (or other people’s head) take you off of your path. Your heart knows the way. :) I’m right behind you.

  2. Sita

    Thank you!!!! And you’re amazing, you did it! :)

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