Is Your Mind Dirty?

A dirty mind is like a dirty glass.

What if you never washed your glass before drinking your next drink?

Or your bowl or plate before your next meal?

Can you visualize how your leftover smoothie would contaminate your tea or coffee?

Or how the juicy melon salad you had for breakfast would not mix well with the savory curry noodles you’ll be having for dinner?

You’ve mixed one completely different experience with the next without the care & awareness it takes to give it its own space & time to shine & show you how perfect it can be – just as it is.

If you don’t clear out & complete your previous experiences, you will not be able to fully enjoy the present. What is presently happening is something totally different, but if it’s viewed (or created) through the filter of your past it will look like either more of the same, or even worse – a muddy mess (because it’s smothered by the past).

So many people want clarity in their lives, or they wish people were clear & direct & open with them, but they don’t initiate it or provide the space for it. They don’t have it within themselves to begin with.

If their lives & their minds are full of the past they will attract or experience more of the same & wonder why they feel disappointed or challenged by the present moment.

Ask yourself if you struggle with the same things you have been working with for years; or if your less then ideal relationships with people are developing & mending; or if you are spontaneous, inspired & content on a daily basis.

If you answer no to those questions, ask yourself why you are not fulfilled in life, & why so many of your experiences, relationships, or meals, or days, feel like more of the same. Ask yourself if you think your present life is ruled by your past.

A quick solution is: get out from under the memory of what was & get present to what is!

Clean your mind. Don’t be afraid to wash the glass until it’s completely clear so that you can pour in something new to savor & experience fully.

Be the space for something amazing to happen. Accept this moment for what it is (unique & special) & completely let go of what was.

“What are you worried about the future for, you can’t even be in the present.”Ramana Maharshi

“Empty yourself and let the universe fill you.” – Yogi Tea bag



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4 responses to “Is Your Mind Dirty?

  1. Joseph

    Thank you Aimee.
    This is right on time!

  2. Eva

    I decided to do a man fast only several hours before this blog entry arrived in my mailbox. It makes perfect sense in so many ways and confirms what I think is the right action to take. Your blog always makes very good sense to me. Thank you.

  3. Sita

    Thank you Aimee, While clearing out clutter you come to realize in a deeper way: The more I’m able to let go of the past, the less reason I have to be angry or sad about it and experience more peace of mind. To remember wonderful times is not disturbing though. I guess they don’t belong to the category ‘dirt’ :) Well maybe only when you’re sentimental about it. A yogi would probably let go of all memories…But then again: he/she doesn’t have to clear out clutter :D

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! :) I’m so glad that the post was helpful.
    …And Sita, you made some great points!

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