A Quick Note

If you have a subscription & you receive my Sunday Is For Lovers posts in your email inbox, this note is written just for you!

The subscription service I use is automated by the company that hosts my blog. So I have no control over how it appears in your email inbox or when it gets sent out to you.

My advice to you is to click on the post title (it’s an active link) in your email to see the post directly from my blog.

From time to time the post emails are not accurate or exactly like the original blog post (sometimes a weird glitch from the company that sends the posts).

If I have video embedded in the post, you definitely have to click to view the video. It will not show in your email.

And, if the post has been updated after the subscription emails are sent (this happens frequently too, I’m notorious for tyypos typos, -oops!), it’s a good idea to read the original straight from the blog  just to make sure you have the latest version. (Also, don’t be shy. Tell me when something needs to be corrected. I’m all alone over here! I only have one brain & two hands. Help a girl out.)

So, if anything reads strange, or looks strange, or has videos, check the blog!

Thanks for subscribing, and thanks for being there. I wouldn’t write if there was no one to read. I would just be thinking of ideas like thought bubbles. Thanks for encouraging me to make my thoughts visible.


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