Why I’m a Raw Foodist

The title is a bit misleading. I don’t call myself a raw foodist, or a vegan, or a vegetarian, or anything that makes me sound like I’m in a special club; or that makes me feel like I’m separating myself from others; or that creates the impression that what I’m doing is 100% and rigid and strict and set in stone — it’s not. In general, I don’t like labels and I try to stay away from them. But today, this blog post is called “Why I’m a Raw Foodist” because it’s  pretty much true. It’s telling why I choose to eat and focus on raw fruits & veggies everyday, as well as what lead me there. It was my health, yes… but it was really my heart. I could have never made changes this big if my heart wasn’t in it. — So on with the blog post…

Many things led me to the current journey that I am on. On this journey there have been many blessings and so many awakenings. If I could pick only one that had the greatest impact on my spirit and on my life, it would be raw foods. (When I say raw foods, I don’t mean gourmet, or fancy packaged products. I mean whole plant foods; whole fruits & vegetables, in their raw state. They could be made into a simple recipe, but they aren’t highly processed, or made to resemble cooked food or animal products (meat, etc.) like many ‘veggie’ products on the market.) Gradually increasing the amount of leafy greens & juicy fruits in my diet has changed every aspect of my life. I have better vision. I can literally see colors better and read small type (print) for many hours with no discomfort; an obvious difference from my past experiences with my eyesight. Great improvements in my eyesight is one of the first things I noticed as my body got cleaner and healthier. The other was my level of comprehension. I literally could think clearer and comprehend more. I began to get insights and see the bigger picture. Ah-ha moments seemed to flow continuously. Things continued to open up and clear up.

While transitioning to a raw plant-based diet over the years, I experienced many changes and benefits, too many to list. But some of them are: unpleasant moods and symptoms of depression lifted; I felt in alignment with the earth and began to have a closer relationship with it; I changed my career and stopped working with toxic materials; I met new friends through raw food and vegan gatherings, people that were inspiring, brilliant and revolutionary; I began to love more, not just people, but all beings and things; many health problems began to drop off little by little; I felt really happy much of the time, for no apparent reason. So much has happened over the last 4 years of eating primarily raw plant foods. And this raw food diet isn’t even a “perfect” or 100% raw. It’s just a diet I take one day at a time, and most days turn out to be a primarily raw fruits & and fresh vegetable. The better I feel, the more I choose what makes me feel better.

The reason I am writing this post is to say that it was an internal message that told me that this diet was important, that this diet is what I needed to transition into a self-empowered future. As we move into a new way of being and a new closeness on the planet, the reason to adopt a simple, pure, natural, and compassionate diet is becoming obvious. The world is shifting, we are shifting. We are all awakening from a long slumber into a new consciousness. I can say for sure that I am. I felt like I was sleep walking for so many years. And I am only recently starting to ask myself questions and think for myself. Interesting thing is; many of these questions I asked myself as a child, but I dismissed them. I gradually blew them off and became resigned and bitter over the years. I fell into the trap of, “Well, this is how things are, this is the world we live in”. Now I see, “No. This is the world we are co-creating for ourselves!” When I wake up to the reality that we are completely connected, how can I not have a plant based diet? How can I not live knowing that I am supported by the universe? How can I not live knowing that I am an infinite spirit? How can I not love everyone and everything equally? I just can’t not do it. I feel too connected. I feel too responsible.

Wilcock, Wolfe & Good Interview from Michael Mackintosh on Vimeo.

On Tuesday April 5th, I came across this video of David Wilcock, David Wolfe, & Nick Good. At first I wasn’t going to watch it because I was already familiar with all three guys, I could pretty much guess what they were going to talk about. But I watched it anyway. When David Wilcock talked about diet, and how it is 33% of of the picture. Becoming an adept or fully realizing your potential is not possible without it (he discusses it 15 minutes into the video). I was like, “Yes! I feel the same. It’s so important!” It brought me back to my whole journey, and how much diet played a part in it. Sometimes we think something like diet, or a little snack we eat, or something we think isn’t super important, it’s only a small part of our life. A tiny blip on the radar — if even that. But it’s not. It’s huge. Anything and everything you take into your body has an impact. It’s like reverberation or ocean waves; one small move eventually affects the whole.

I just want to be clear that I am not looking down on any diet, or anyone that isn’t on a plant-based diet. I’m only saying that I felt a massive change by simply eating foods like raw fruits & vegetables in abundance everyday. As far as I am concerned anyone can make this a large part of their diet, even if they have no desire to make it 100% of their diet. I would also like to add that if you eat nothing but processed and refined foods, or nothing but animal foods, and a vegetable will never touch your lips in this lifetime, I’m still not saying anything about you! I am only saying that for meI am experiencing something. And that the guys in the video are experiencing the same thing. How fascinating! All of this, all of these blog posts are written to spread a message of love & awareness. For me, that is all that this is about, and all that life is about. How fascinating!

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video (although I think it would be good to make time for it, it’s really packed with information, and it’s a great conversation to listen in on), definitely watch it at 1hour:25min:20sec, as David Wilcock does his final wrap-up.

Please note: the reason I posted this video is because I am in agreement with David Wilcock’s statement for the most part. I am not so-much in alignment with much of what is said about eating chocolate (as recommended by David Wolfe), or relying on mushrooms. Nor am I recommending any of their books, programs or retreats. I have experienced tremendous results from only the simplest methods, mostly from getting out of my own body’s way. I find the more I simplify my diet and choices, the greater the effectiveness and benefits of those choices. That being said, I’m not bashing mushrooms or chocolate either. They are great too. But make the diet seasonal and simple. Choose what works best for you.

The more you trust your body’s intelligence, and allow it to do its work, and give it things that do not overwhelm it or interfere with its process, the faster you will heal and experience greater levels of health. The only special thing you need is YOU! It’s that simple.


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5 responses to “Why I’m a Raw Foodist

  1. sita rabeling

    I LOVED this weekreview! I shared it on Fb :)
    Haven’t seen the vid yet, only the start – but I love the way you describe your journey. For me too, it’s not about being part of a club, although I like the 30BaD Tees :) And it’s true, in time a lot of insights come to you; it is as if all clears up more and more, not only physically. Am in a phase like that (again) at the moment and it makes me a bit quiet, but that’s good ;)
    Thank you Aimee, for being so open. It’s very uplifting.
    Lots of Love, Sita

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