What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now?

Someone on Twitter asked their followers what their biggest obstacles were.
The majority of the answers fit into 4 categories:

1) Paying off debt
2) Overcoming fear & self-doubt
3) Balancing various to-do lists
4) Being more disciplined

What is your answer to that question?

What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now?

Would you say that your answer fits into one of the four categories listed above?

Or does your biggest obstacle feel like something entirely different?

“Opportunity’s favorite disguise is trouble.”Frank Tyger

I’d like to collect answers from my Sunday Is For Lovers readers so that I can write a blog post about it. Let me know how you feel about the question & tell me what your answer is. I’ll write what I feel about it too & share my thoughts on how we can get to the bottom of these obstacles. – Or at least feel like they no longer exist!

You can email me personally [aimeelovesu@gmail.com], tweet me on Twitter [@aimeelovesyou], answer my Facebook poll [AimeeLovesYou on Facebook!], or comment on this blog post. Whichever route works best for you. You have many options! – Please do this while it’s on your mind. Don’t think about the questions too deeply or add meaning to it. Just go with your first response. The first thing that pops in your head & is your most sincere answer, is the right answer. If everyone is totally honest & open it’s the only way we can find clarity on this topic. And no worries, I will never share your name or personal information on the blog post. I will only address the topic & the collective answers.



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3 responses to “What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now?

  1. Xerxes

    Overcoming fear & self-doubt bordering on absurdity. I simply wasting my life away and I won’t settle for the mediocre…and in the process I have almost BECOME the mediocre personified. I want to feel truly liberated and peaceful at heart…in everything even not-so-peaceful situations, and especially , my self-image…is just not so good…and I do not seem to be able to get over myself either :)

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