You Give Me Pleasure ;) ♥ Xx..

Sometimes life can be such work. Sometimes we just need a little relief, a little love, a little hug.

I want to acknowledge the people, places & things that brought me joy this week. They gave me a bit of oomph just when I needed it. – It’s the little things in life that make a HUGE difference.

Red Raspberries ♥ Wow. For someone that eats fruit like I eat fruit. (A lot of fruit.) For someone that lives for smoothies. Raspberries are the ultimate smoothie (& life) transformer. They bring a smoothie from “just good” to “oh my god!” – Zip & pizazz like you have never tasted.

Angi Purinton ♥ I look forward to Angi Purinton‘s classes (Zumba & MyMa). And when I say look forward, I mean count the days, hours & minutes. And when I finally get there, there is such a feeling of relief & release. I feel like I can finally let go. Not just of my week, but of myself. – Thank you, Angi!

Zadie Smith ♥ This week I am reading Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays by Zadie Smith. The only reason I bought the book was to read her thoughts on David Foster Wallace. (He was brought to my attention recently & I wanted more.) I now adore both Zadie & David. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Philip Glass ♥ He always makes my “thank you” list. If anyone could play the sound of how I feel & what I can’t say, it’s Philip Glass. This week I took a bath while listening to his music with headphones (kids don’t try this at home). I was lost in another world. Such a feeling a meditation & presence. I felt like I was home. Like I had arrived to the deepest part of my soul.

Cool Breeze ♥ I was sitting in the courtyard at a cafe with my friend. Out of nowhere came this luxurious divine life affirming breeze. It woke me up. It swiftly lifted me out of my thoughts & oh so gently sat me down in my heart. I couldn’t believe its magic & power. It was truly a gift.

Susan Powter ♥ This pleasure feels like a guilty one: I love to watch Susan Powter brilliantly ramble in her videos. After I have a long day, I just want to watch someone else let it all out; be brave, be bold, & let the world have it. Well, she does just that. And somehow watching her do it gives me a feeling like I’ve just done it.

Super loving thanks to everyone & everything that gave me pleasure this week. Thank you for sharing you! ♥ Xx…

[For a previous post of pleasures, click here.]


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