Keep it Moving. Don’t get stuck!

Let me tell you something that I have learned: Keep it moving.

After going through September 11th in New York City; after (foolishly) receiving chemotherapy during a huge health scare; after finding out that I lost my money in the stock market; after dealing with an injured spine; after, after, after… it doesn’t matter what I am dealing with, what matters is that I don’t get stuck on it. I must keep it moving.

Right now my heart goes out to Japan (and all other areas that have been affected by earthquakes.) My stomach is uneasy that friends and family live in California (a place I hear is next for a major disaster, along with Mexico.) And I live in New York City (where rumor has it will be 50% under water at some point as the earth continues to make major shifts.) What do I do with these feelings and all these warnings? I’m damn certain of one thing I won’t do. I won’t get stuck on them! That is something past experience has taught me. So I will keep things moving as I delve into a deep sense of gratitude for all that life is and has blessed me with. I will keep things moving.

A quote I have always loved is: stagnant water is dirty water. This quote really resonated with me when I heard it because I know that when something alive (like water, like us) just sits, when it keeps stewing it its own juices – it rots! Letting something fester in your mind (and body) is a straight path to disease (dis-ease.) For happiness, freedom and health, one must keeps things clear. One must keep the waters moving. One must remain open. Life is change. We should never fear change because we are it. As flesh and blood, as the seasons in nature, we are impermanent! Only the spirit is unchanging, ongoing and infinite. We must anchor there. We must find our sense of Self there. Everything is a blessing. A temporary experience to honor  and treasure.

This morning I was watching the news about Japan and I was reading about disasters that will soon follow. I shut down all media at exactly 11:20am. Do you know why? I had 20 minutes to mediate and then 10 minutes to get ready for dance class. I knew how important it was to clear my mind and move that stagnant energy out of my body. Sitting fully aware in silence and then dancing my heart out in class. It was the perfect release! As I danced I felt the Oneness. I felt the power of spirit. I felt the energy of everyone around me. I felt that energy move through me. I felt alive! It was heaven. Heaven on earth. Our experience is always here for us to create. Be it spiritually, energetically or physically.

When I think back to September 11th, I remember what I did to provide a release for myself after feeling fearful and depressed about the disaster. I painted portraits of hope. A series of beautiful radiant people feeling alive and knowing that all is well. At times of stress or sorrow it is easy to feel that dancing, art making, participating in sports or doing something just because you love it is a guilty pleasure. It’s not! That’s like saying a flower should feel guilty for being temporary, fragile and gorgeous. That’s just silly. Life itself is temporary, fragile and gorgeous! And what speaks to that more clearly than a human expressing the beauty that is life through one of its many talents or pleasures? It’s a gift. A gift that should never be taken for granted and should never be pushed aside.

So let’s use life’s gifts to keep us moving. Let’s not get stuck in guilt or fear. Let’s love. Let’s keep our love and energy flowing. Let’s stay open. Let’s be clear. Let’s smile and give thanks. Let’s do the best we can to share our many gifts with others and to help in any way we can. Love is infinite! Let it pour!

Infinite love to all facing a challenging time or dealing with loss right now. You are loved!

Please Note: I’m not saying to not prepare for possible danger. Do whatever you can to be aware and to be prepared. But don’t get lost in the drama. Don’t get lost in survival mode. Don’t get lost in guilt or fear. Be present to the bliss of this moment and to the priceless life and energy running through you. Be present to the love and the opportunity that is you. Be present to the power of the human spirit. It’s a beautiful thing! Something to celebrate and honor everyday.

[The vibrant & energetic illustration is by Nick La, N.Design Studio.]



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5 responses to “Keep it Moving. Don’t get stuck!

  1. dwayne

    great post aimee. thanks!

      • This is a comment for this blog post from River, shes is in a public forum that I am part of:
        “I resonate with what you are saying and a great idea to keep moving. Finding my center with what makes me feel great, and choosing the highest joy of what is in front of me, milking this moment for all it is worth. It is so important to be in love with life that is happening now, in the present.”
        – I love what she wrote!

  2. Terra

    ok so its just uncanny how we have the same thoughts. The past couple days I have been thinking a lot about “keeping moving”… simply physically moving ones body can do wonders. When I feel lethargic and down or fearful about anything, I have been learning more than ever lately to just go for a walk turn music on and dance in my room. And then the momentum can happen, because moving my body immediately brings relief, and I start to see so much more clear. Today for instance I started cleaning the dishes, which turned into the entire kitchen and I think i’m going to work on my room now.

    So anyways, just a few minutes ago I was pondering my thoughts on motion and considered a name for my music label I want to have one day. I thought of Motion Sound… not going to use it because its too common, but none the less, after googling it, I flipped back to your blog and saw you had a new Sunday is for Lovers post up and go figure your title is “Keep it Moving: Dont Get Stuck”.


    • That is great Terra! ;D)
      How exiting it is that you are starting your own label. Please keep me posted on your work. I would love to hear it!
      Keep dancing & keep moving! :) I will be doing the same!

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