Love Yourself Enough To Let Go

Quotes from Ruth Denison:
– You have to stop in order to become aware of what you are doing.
– The literal translation of the Pali word sati (mindfulness) is to stop.

Let Go and Stop

This is why fasting (on water) has helped me in my relationship to food. When I completely stop eating, I see the mindlessness in eating habits (and drinking habits.) I see the escape, the abuse, the misuse, the bigger picture, the madness. I never saw it in the same way before I stopped it completely in order to examine it.

The same goes for jobs, environments and relationships. I’ve been in a few that were not suitable for me, but I didn’t see this while I was in them. I had to completely remove myself from them (sometimes for a lengthy period of time, sometimes indefinitely) and spend time reflecting. It was only in their absence was I able to see how much damage that relationship/environment was doing to my well-being.

Love yourself enough to let go every now and then. By letting go I mean, remove that which you think you need in order to exist. Invest in your unlimited sense of self and strength. Go beyond that which you think you are, to that which you know you are. Know that you are infinite bliss and immeasurable love. Know that you are whole.

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