Is it extreme?

If I hear that I am extreme one more time I’m going to lose it! Well, not really, but it gets very tiresome. What is extreme about being passionate? What is extreme about challenging yourself? What is extreme about being inquisitive or adventurous? What is extreme about questioning things and not believing everything you are told? What is extreme about not following everyone around you? What is extreme about not needing tons of shit? (A house full of stuff?) Not needing to be distracted or stimulated all the time? Not needing a spouse, or a retirement plan, or a certificate of endorsement? What is extreme about being your own person? What is extreme about longing to live like nature? About wanting to do more with less? About wanting to love others unconditionally? Not just a select few, but all? What is extreme about wanting to be the best you can be? About pushing boundaries? About wanting to create something new? About wanting to connect with the world? About wanting to have nothing and be everything? What is so weird about this? What is extreme?

Why is thinking for yourself such a threat? I’m ranting right now – but it’s fun and it feels good! It feels great to let it all out and say what I feel. Thank the stars for the internet. Without it I would feel so alone (in regard to my views.) Online I have been able to connect with so many people that think like me, that find what I am doing as totally reasonable. People that are actually happy that I explore life the way I do. That I challenge the day-to-day norms, and that I stand for something. How grateful I am that someone can see that I am not being extreme. Maybe a better word for it would be powerful? Because I have the courage and power to choose for myself? The power to carve my own way. Power to question authority and tradition. Power to create my own universe. Power to love unconditionally. Power to speak my truth. Power to design my own diet. Power to teach myself. Power to try something new. Power to go out on my own. Power to want to help. Power to reach out. Power to dedicate my life to my path. Power to be transparent. Power to take risks. Power to let go. Power to not let the fact that people think I’m extreme stop me from being me!



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2 responses to “Is it extreme?

  1. That is awesome.

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