The Beauty of Bliss & Suffering

It would be better to be your bliss then to experience it.

Don’t escape your reality, create a new one. Whatever it is you need to escape from, understand that you created it. Take responsibility for that creation. Clean it up and build something new.

Begin again.

This brief blog post above shares only part of my feelings, only one of my views regarding addiction.

Addiction is a very important topic for us in this day and age. I think detox, unlearning and sobering-up will become more popular in mainstream (and necessary) as people shift consciousness preparing for things to come. There is a lot of cleaning up to do. Not just on the planet, but inside of ourselves as well. We must take responsibility for that process first and start there. You are your world. Don’t just dwell on how messed up and polluted the planet is, we are no different. Start with your body, your thinking process, your fears. Let’s clean up, clear out and make room. Only when we do this can we see our lives clearly — see ourselves clearly. The beauty is there. The answers are there. After we clear out ourselves we will notice that the planet just got a bit brighter. We’ll think that the whole world has now changed. And that my friend, is a beautiful thing. That is bliss. That is home. We all want to get there. And no one can take us there but ourselves.


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