Every individual has an opportunity.

“Every wave on the ocean sea has the opportunity to embrace within itself as great an amount of water at its base as it likes. The whole ocean could be drawn in a single wave; it is possible that one wave could draw upon the strength of the entire ocean and rise with infinite power.
Similarly, every individual has an opportunity available to gain for himself the strength of the unlimited, eternal, absolute Being and thus, be powerful to the maximum extent possible.
When there is a possibility for a wave to enjoy the limitless strength of the ocean, does it not amount to a sheer waist to be tossed about by the breeze in a weak and powerless manner? When there is open to every man the opportunity of gaining unlimited power, energy, existence, intelligence, peace, and happiness, then is it not a waste of life to remain in a limited, weak and powerless state?” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


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