What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

I would eat as many calories as I wanted.
I would bike in NYC traffic.
I would spend money as I please, never thinking twice about it.
I would swim in the middle of the ocean.
I would dance to every type of music, in front of any type of person.
I would speak what little french & spanish I know and feel confident about it.
I would exercise like crazy and not think about overdoing it.
I would never comb my hair again.
I would wear high heels more often and not think about getting blisters.
I would walk the streets barefoot and never be concerned about stepping on something sharp or getting my feet dirty.
I would ask for love, help and support all the time.
I would arrive at the airport and take the next flight to anywhere.
I would sleep on rooftops and wake up with the sun.
I would spend one year just reading books — no working, just reading.
I would become a fruitarian that sometimes eats leaves.
I would get as lean and light as I dream of and have wild magnetic electric energy.
I would do handstands, chin-ups, cartwheels, back-flips and pretzel-like poses.
I would get rid of my mobile phone permanently and only communicate online.
I would have homes (or a place I call home) everywhere.
I would live in the wild for a year.
I would have a huge collection of classical music that I play wherever I go.
I would put a bed in one of the balcony box seats at the NYC Metropolitan Opera and listen to performances lying down.
I would sunbathe all the time and not worry about getting too much sun.
I would always-always say what I feel and never hide my true feelings.
I would just be myself and not worry about presenting something that people can relate to or understand.
I would be silent most of the time, but think, sketch and write a lot.
I would spend lots of time alone and not feel guilty about it, ever.
I would have one lover that loves me unconditionally and never lets me forget how loved I am.
I would never plan my day, year or life.
I would only live for the bliss of this moment and ride that feeling into the next one.
I would live as though I never had a past.
I would never have a job or have to work.
I would have a life would be based on what I love. (Love is not work.)
I would create an enormous load of printed books, audiobooks and e-books that would be worldwide best sellers.
I would have one of the most inspirational businesses in the world.
I would create the new peace symbol sign or heart symbol — new positive icons that stand for good.
I would try everything that peaked my interest and never think about how much time I’m investing in it.
I would love people as I liked, not as they liked.
I would love people and be as affectionate as I wanted, without feeling like I need to hold back.
I would always do whatever I wanted and not think twice about it.

Should I go on? I can. :)

What would you do?



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6 responses to “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

  1. Donald Key

    I would get up and travel somewhere new each day, until I missed my bed and then fly back home for a nap!
    I would smile all the time, especially at strangers.
    I would do what I honestly feel is right each moment and not think twice about the consequences.
    I would live each day as if it was the only one I knew.
    I would not get angry or frustrated and just surrender with compassion.
    I’d build amazing things to enjoy and share.

  2. Great list

    I would never remember any experience that was less than positive.
    I would hug everyone knowing they won’t run away.
    I would never eat alone.
    I would live forever.
    I would make love with everyone simultaneously.
    I would telepathically communicate with everyone simultaneously.
    I would travel BEYOND the speed of light.
    I would paint a picture that never ends.
    I would talk with YOU soon…

    • -Dizzy, what happened? You disappeared. You never replied to my last message on the fruity forum.

      -Thanks for the reply on my blog. Much appreciated. Loved the list.


      • Hi Aimee,

        I sent you a message last week here:


        I also have some files I’d like to email you so send me your email addy in your message.

        {{{HUGS}}} Dizzy

  3. Brilliant!! I need to meditate on it;-) but the 1st thing that came to my mind is: I would dance anytime anywhere…

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