You Give Me Pleasure ;) ♥ Xx..

Just wanted to share with you some of the things that brought me joy this week…

♥ Eating tasty green plums from New Zealand
♥ Listening to silence

♥ Watching an amazing dancer my friend Si shared with me

♥ Participating in a 30 day Bikram HOT yoga challenge (-day 23!)
♥ Having my daily citrus feast

♥ Being reminded by my friend Dwayne about The Selby.

♥ Reading The Fasting Path by Stephen Harrod Buhner
♥ Working with Jamie Ridler

♥ Admiring Eartha Kitt’s beauty & voice

♥ Laughing at a quote from Fernando Elvira’s blog
♥ Feeling inspired by Chris Kendall’s blog

♥ Listening to Philip glass

Super loving thanks to everyone or everything that gave me pleasure. Thank you for sharing you! ♥ Xx…



4 responses to “You Give Me Pleasure ;) ♥ Xx..

  1. Aimee*

    I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your blog. I have now skimmed through the entirety of your entries and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your beautiful insights and collection of inspirational quotes. I can’t tell you how uncanny timing is – well, as you know – but stumbling upon your blog (seemingly randomly – but of course I know better) at this perfect time.

    I love the idea of blogging every Sunday and sharing your week’s triumphs, bumps and revelations. I find it so interesting because I want to write a book and the layout that I had in mind is similar to the way you do your entries – with conversations and emails. I find that I do alot of reflecting and learning from myself through these means of gathering my thoughts. I have currently been abroad for almost exactly one year – a long time in my young life and I too find myself writing many emails and having life changing conversations on a regular basis since this is the best means of communication when you are trying to correspond with the life you left not only halfway across the world, but a full 12 hrs back in time.

    I am currently in Thailand where I have had much time to reflect and find myself in a transformation/salvation period after a rather confusing time which left me feeling down, alone and shattered. But the last couple months have given me time to get back to me – the real me, the one that laughs from my toes all the way up to my forehead, the one that grins from ear to ear to the point that it hurts, the one that knows without needing to think about it – that life is simple and that we have all we ever needed or ever will need and the one that knows love is why we were put on this earth. I feel more free than anytime I can remember in the last couple years. But I do still find myself working on alot the things you touch base on. Of course relearning to love myself is a big one – but the entry you did about deserving and worthiness really hit home for me, and I guess the whole guilt thing as well. Different circumstances but similar feelings in the sense that I am modeling overseas and I guess at times there is a lot of guilt and unworthiness that gets wrapped up in this life. And I have to say there is probably no one, including my family members, from my life back home that makes feeling deserving of what comes to me easy nor natural. But I know it is not their opinion that it is important, it is my own of myself. Knowing and believing are two seperate things though, so I am still working on this day to day.

    Anyways, I guess this is the writer in me coming out – once I start, I feel I just can’t stop – but self expression is a beautiful thing, and one shouldn’t stop themselves until they see fit. But most importantly I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your writing and your collection of quotes and inspiring material is. Thank you again for sharing, I wanted to voice this to you since I know how rewarding it is to have someone appreciate you and your writing/work. And I think all too often we think things but don’t take it the step further we should to let someone know how we feel especially when small things are the ones that can make or break someone’s day. I think humans don’t realise the power and impact they have on one another. I hope this finds you with a big wide grin on your face on this beautiful Monday morning for you (evening for me). Sending lots of love and sunshine from Bangkok.



  2. Ps. I forgot to add that I have been experimenting and still finding my niche within the raw food diet but lately been leaning more towards lots and lots of fruit and more simple as you mention in your other blog. Thailand has the most wonderful exotic fruits. Have you gotten a chance to visit before? My absolute favourite is jackfruit. I can’t seem to get enough – the old woman that sells it on the street outside my apartment thinks I am crazy I’m sure. And yes – the land of Durian. Going to Chinatown to get some tomorrow :) It’s been a while, I have to be careful since I find it rather addicting !

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