Happy Thoughts Will Feed You

The first time I heard of creative visualization was in 2002. I was reading, Tony & Tina’s Color Energy. In the book they referenced Shakti Gawain’s book, Creative Visualization. After reading both books, I was inspired to take what I saw in my mind (and what I say/think) more seriously. A few years later my brother introduced me to the Abraham-Hicks teachings, they sounded very similar to creative visualization. Then several years after that, The Secret came out. Everyone was talking about the book and buying into visualizing success. Seven years passed by and I never put what I learned about vision boards to use. Even being a visual person and always happy to do creative projects, I never completed a vision board or vision journal. Well, I felt inspired again after talking to Shirley Calkins Smith at Lily Dale Assembly this year. She told me that I should use my creative abilities and trained eye to really see what it is I want and to make it happen. The tough part was, I don’t know what I really want. I’m not into buying the dream house, I don’t believe in soul-mates, I don’t play lotto hoping to win a million bucks (or think that money will solve my problems), etc, etc.. So what is it that I want?

What I want is what makes me happy. Those things became very clear to me when my health coach asked me a personal question. The question she asked was, “What makes you smile and get happy as soon as you think about it? Tell me 10 things.” I will share my answer below.

1. Beautiful colors
2. Sex and sexy things
3. Getting my hands dirty
4. Dancing to music that moves me
5. Getting paid to be myself
6. Feeling light and free
7. Making people happy
8. Laughing and laughter
9. Moments of being
10. Someone enjoying me or my work

This was an ah-ha moment for me. Nowhere on that list was, having a tight/fit body, making millions, falling in-love, buying a big house, becoming famous, driving a fancy car, getting a Ph.D., retiring in the South of France — none of that made the list. (In my opinion it’s just marketing. I don’t think anyone thinks these things will make them happy until society teaches them that.) The list was simple. It was made up of mostly feelings. How come I don’t focus all my efforts in this area? Why am I not making laughing, dancing  and getting my hands dirty the priority? After getting in touch with this, I started to save images I clipped from magazines. I didn’t think about it, I just clipped. If anything caught my eye or made me smile, I saved it. I now have over 30 collages in this book. Looking at all of them makes me feel good. My goal is to keep looking at the pages and to keep feeling good. my goal is also to be aware of where I am focusing my attention. Am I seeing, thinking and saying what makes me happy, inspired and content? If not, why? Thoughts create reality. Let’s create the most awesome, motivating, helpful, loving and beautiful life we can imagine. For ourselves and for others. Why not?



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6 responses to “Happy Thoughts Will Feed You

  1. Aimee!

    Allow me to gush a bit & say you are SO creative and awesome. Your shortlist of the things that make you happy is so close to mine that I laughed when I read it…

    BTW, your “work” is sensational. Those collages were like following storyboards that walked me through your vision for yourself.

    I’ve always been prone to write as an outlet and about a year ago started developing a fascination for how others are able to express themselves so clearly with ZERO words…non-verbal expression turns me on…thanks for the lift.


    • Wow. Thanks. *blushing*
      It felt a little weird to put all of my personal information up; What I love-What I want-What lights me up. I just hope it helps others to ‘get lit’ & find what works for them. I’m glad it worked for you. -That makes me happy. :D)

  2. Litos

    Awesome. I’ll have to review this through the week. Very, very timely! :)

  3. Such an artist! You inspired me to create my own vision board…for 2010;-)
    Thank’s for sharing awesome being!

  4. I had so much fun doing it ;-) Thank you Aimee.

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