Being In-Love


Below is an email I sent to a friend back in September. Sometimes I can be a bit over-the-top when I discuss my point of view. After time passes, I reread or hear again what I’ve said and I laugh to myself. I can tell that I’m being extreme. But after reading this email again, I still feel the same way.

From: AimeeLovesYou
Date: Sep 24, 2009

This week I was reminded about what being ‘in love’ means. I heard one interesting view of being in-love (in-love with a romantic partner), that I agreed with. They mentioned a few things about people who think they are in-love, but are in romantic relationships as a means to an end. There is something that they want from the other person, there is a need to be filled. I have additional thoughts about it, but I agree with what they said.

Hearing their point of view brought me back to my own knowing, about love in general. I am clear that the romantic love we feel we need is not the one we think it is. It is the love for Self — unconditional love for Self that frees us, completes us and gives us everlasting bliss. When we truly love ourselves (and see its connection to the spirit that breathes/animates it), we don’t need union because we are whole. We don’t need a partner to feel loved — we are love. Everything and everyone is seen as love as well. Nothing is separate from us because we are whole and all encompassing. We will never fall out of love, we will never have fears about losing love (or those we love), we will just be in who we know we are; love.  It’s so easy for me at times to get swept up in movies, the news, other people’s concepts, imagery, etc.. But when all that gets silent, when I get silent, I know what’s real.

All suffering I believe comes from this disconnect with the Self. It’s a disconnect with Love. I know that when I’m bugged about my career, hating how a part of my body looks, wanting things (or people) to be different — it’s because I can’t see me. I’ve lost sight. I don’t see who I am.

When I lose sight of who I am, it’s always best for me to stop. Stop myself in my tracks and ask, “Why are you not being yourself? Why are you following others? Why are you worried about what they think? Why are you over thinking instead of being? I remind myself to be simple. “Be yourself. Love it all. Love yourself.” When I do, I know nothing can cause me harm. I am it all. The only one that can cause me harm is myself. The only one who can not love me is me.


[The inspiring photo is by Diana Rikasari]



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9 responses to “Being In-Love

  1. Not even remotely “over the top”, imo… Just well-said.

  2. What you wrote reminded me of M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled. Do you feel that you are surrounded by people in your life that see romantic love and partnership in this similar vein? And when you came into these beliefs did it alter or impact this part of your own life?

    • No, I have almost no one that sees love like I see love in my circle of close friends or family. I’ve met people online that share a similar view (thank goodness for the internet).
      I love my family & friends, but they don’t always see like I see. I think they think I’m extreme or a bit crazy at times. Maybe I am, but it’s me, so I let it be. :)

      Yes, it made things easier in some ways & harder in other ways.
      EASIER: I usually stay connected with past lovers/boyfriends. We stay friends (& I still love them, that never changes, the only thing that changed, is we are no longer a “couple”). I usually have good relationships with friends & family. So.. not a whole lot of drama in my life. Things stay loving & continue to flow or grow. -At least to me. :)
      HARDER: It’s hard to be in a society that lives for soul mates, or falling in & out of love, or living to meet social standards like marriage & kids. I feel like the odd-girl-out who doesn’t live for those things. I live for LOVE, not the package of it, not the way society sells it, not even the million variations or definitions of it. I live for the unconditional infinite timeless boundless omnipresent LOVE that can not & will not be defined. And I feel this LOVE for all. (So called “good” or “bad” person place or thing, etc.) And the easiest way to lose this LOVE feeling is to not love myself. Which can be very easy to do. And after I lose touch with this love for self, I lose touch with love itself. :)

      I hope I’m not rambling & answered your question. Ask me more if I didn’t get there.

      Thanks for reading the post & chatting with me about it. It’s an important topic!


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  4. Ann


    Your thoughts and perspectives really resonate with me, and inspire me to love more. Thank you for your refreshing views, always.

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