Robert Crumb: Flesh & Blood

Drawing by R. Crumb

Drawing by R. Crumb

Recently I received a copy of the Flesh and Blood newspaper comic Robert Crumb created for Piont D’ Ironie. I like Crumbs work. If you have ever seen the documentary that was made about him some years ago, you would understand how talented he is. He is extremely gifted as an artist. So I was more than pleased to take a peak at some new work by him. I loved the last page. To end on this page made perfect sense. Here is what it said,

“Everything we do has significance. Every action, every thought, leaves an imprint – not only on the self, but on the world, on the others, and even on time, on all of us! This implies a responsibility for one’s thoughts and actions that should be taken most seriously! And yet one feels helpless, a hapless victim of circumstances beyond one’s control, as if ones behavior and thoughts did not originate in the self, but were a product, an accumulation of imprints from the world, from our ancestors, from the people around us. It behooves one to take responsibility, to take the power to decide how one will act, and even how one will think! Not only for the betterment of one’s self, but for the betterment of the world, all others, and all who will come after us!”

At the bottom there is a little illustration of an old man who looks tired. He has a thought-bubble that reads, “It’s tough.” This type of art/writing reminds me of a book from Ram Dass (aka Richard Alpert). The book was called, Be Here Now. It’s excellent. It is one of my favorite books. It has illustrations and insightful (eye opening) comments about being human and realizing the Self. If you haven’t read it before, please check it out. It’s special. Any artist that takes the time to open up, investigate, be vulnerable and give to others, is special. Special thanks to them. Thank you Ram Dass, Robert Crumb and anyone else who has given their life to this work. Thank You.


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3 responses to “Robert Crumb: Flesh & Blood

  1. Charles

    I saw the Crumb documentary. He was quite the character. To this day I still think about how he likes to give women piggy back rides.

  2. dwayne

    aimee these entries are just great. you know i love Crumb too. insanely genius. sorta like you

  3. R. Crumb’s “Devil Girl” is really amazing as a prophetic representation of Amy Winehouse. Which came first? I thought it was funny and worth mentioning. Maybe I’m being insensitive. I apologize for that.

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