Indulging in Self-Discovery

[A conversation online between me & a friend.]

Friend: But then I’ve also spent the last day trying to resolve the discrepancy between making a lot of money and spirituality. How can it be spiritual to be wealthy when there are so many poor people on the planet?

AimeeLovesYou: Use your wealth to be of service to others. That is what I’m saying. Have the strength to dig deep. Deeper than what the person struggling to survive has the luxury to do. Be of service and do it for them. Do you think the guy who wrote the ‘Tao Te Ching’ had a 9-to-9 and was stackin’ greenbacks? No, he wasn’t. Do you think he was struggling to survive? Nope, not that either. He had a fair amount of money/work, he was OK — and he devoted his life to his self-expressed work that became a great service to other people. It changed their lives forever (and still does.) Same goes for a lot of other special people (inventors, scientists, designers, artists, musicians) that have made a huge contribution to the lives of others. Some of these people may have been pinching pennies, but believe me, they were indulging by spending most of their time in their own thoughts. They were consumed by their dreams and completely invested in their own self discovery.
Jesus- Middle class
Gandhi- Upper class
Siddhartha- Royalty
These people were privileged. Privileged enough to indulge in self-study and share their findings with the world.

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