Uniquely Here Every Time

[A conversation online between me & a friend.]

AimeeLovesYou: I’m still super-excited about adding ‘light’ to all aspects of my life. Lighter thoughts, foods, friends, concepts, materials, methods, etc. I am busting at the seams with ideas I want to pursue, people I want to meet and things I want to learn.

Friend: What spurred this ‘light’ revelation?

AimeeLovesYou: I think reading Zen books as a teenager. I was super-depressed and into The Cure and Morrissey. After finding (by accident) a few Zen books I thought lightness sounded so much more freeing than the heaviness I was feeling. I daydreamed of no meaning and detachment. I desperately wanted a birds eye view of my life; to just hover over everything I thought was grossly permanent and meaningful, to fly above it and see it for its impermanence and beauty. I’m getting closer now, but it’s infinite. I can always see more beauty, I can always accept ‘what is’ a little more. I can always transcend my surroundings. It’s great. No final ‘there,’ it’s uniquely ‘here’ every time.


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