Spending Myself Wisely


[A conversation online between me and a friend.]

AimeeLovesYou: I know, I was kinda kidding. That is why I said, “I am still invisible.” I still have a hard time believing that I am here. Sometimes it takes courage just to participate and be human. I went through years of dodging that fact; that I am real, that I have a responsibility to that.

Friend: OK. Please explain this responsibility.

AimeeLovesYou: It’s like if someone gave you a check for 20 million. You can say all that money is a burden or you can say it’s a blessing and be grateful. You can explore the money’s potential and share it with others. Not by giving them money, but by using the money to create a life for yourself that is worth something. Then share that life with others in a way that will be of value to their lives. You had a responsibility to that 20 million dollar check you were given. Someone chose you and trusted you with it. It would have been irresponsible to piss it away.

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