Mad Rush to Get Now-Here

[An email I sent to a friend.]

From: AimeeLovesYou
Subject: Traffic jams
Date: Jul 14, 2008 3:39 PM

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with my life. Lots of beeping horns and traffic jams in my brain. All types of thought-cars clamoring for a better position. It’s a mad rush to get nowhere. Then I can read a good poem or see a piece of art, or hear a song and everything starts to flow again. I let go. I surrender to all of the directions, people and options I usually overwhelm myself with. I let go and remember that there is nothing to hold on to. All of my strength and development is in letting go. Freeing myself from expectations and the unknown. Trusting that it is all a safe place to be. That my real home is in my mind heart. I can rest in it. I can be free and feel infinite peace in it. When I am simple is when I am most powerful. I let go of all of the extras. I make it about just This. This is enough. This is this. This is it. This is. …Ahhhhhh, so glad to be part of this. This is great.

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