Life is like water — you panic, you sink.

[An email to a dear friend.]

From: AimeeLovesYou
Date: May 12, 2008 6:36 PM
Subject: Batter up!

All I can say is… life is like water, you panic, you sink. You must Swim (put in some good work, stay relaxed, but very focused), Tread (stay where you are with some effort, notice what is going on around you), or Float (let go and see where the water takes you). No matter how intense the waters get, no matter how crazy, you are able to relax and float. You must trust that the waters will carry you. But, they will only do that if you let them. Relax and allow them to carry you. Become One with them. They are you. (You are water.) Do not be afraid. Keep going and don’t look back. Trust that there is a bigger picture that is beautiful and perfect. Sometimes we can’t see it and what we see being created is looking really fucked up! We only see the smaller picture that has a ‘threatened little me’ in it. We must identify with the big picture that has the big universal god-self in it. The little me is temporary. It will pass. The god-self remains powerful and self-sufficient, forever.

Hang in there. I know you got it. Nobody ‘goes to bat’ in a tough situation better than you. Nobody. I mean that.

Call if you need an ear.

Love you,


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