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Have You Been Sold a Dream? Are You Still Buying It?

A few weeks back I was at an appointment waiting to be called next. I looked to my left and saw a newspaper – the Wall Street Journal. As I flipped through it something caught my eye. It was an image of a man and a woman totally enthralled with one another in a blissful state. The man was reclining on a cloud made of stuff; tennis rackets, wine glasses, classical instruments, elegant accessories, overnight case, golf clubs, champagne flutes, skis, etc. The advertisement had two tag-lines: Element of Well-being / For a Better You.

My immediate reaction was a long sigh. Was the viewer supposed to think that this cloud of materialistic stuff and a vacation stay in a hotel would bring them bliss? I feel so tired of the marketing that is pushed down people’s throats. All day every day everywhere we look, we are being marketed to. The idea of “this thing” or “this look” or “this place” is what you need to feel great, to feel happy, to feel whole. Most of us know that none of those things bring lasting happiness, yet we are sold that idea over & over again – and we buy it!

Everyone talks about a vacation or a lifestyle that they desire. Most of us hate some part of the way we look as well, comparing ourselves to others and feeling like some aspect of ourselves is inadequate. Or it can be the other way around, we think that the way someone else looks or lives isn’t good enough for us. Who taught us that? Where did we get our standards from? What did we pattern ourselves and our lives after? Why is it that our life is the way it is? Did we freely & fully create it? Or did we allow society to greatly influence our decisions and our views?

If you lived alone on an island, would you be worrying about the same things you desire or stress about today? Would you want the same job you currently have? Take a close look at your life & ask yourself, “If I lived alone and I never or rarely saw people, what would I be passionate about, what would matter most to me? What would my life be about and look like?”

Would you need a vacation? Would you be working as hard as you do? What would matter most to you? More stuff? Faster car? Bigger income? Smoother skin? Second home? An academic degree? …Or something freely available and priceless, like love? I think we could say that love would be the most important thing. Yet we don’t see that, choose that, or act like that in our day-to-day lives. We don’t seem to make that our dream, our goal, or our number one priority on a daily basis.  And trust me, every money-driven corporation and business wants to keep it that way.

[Today's blog post was written and posted back in August 2011.]


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Real Rest Comes from Being Awake


“Rest does not come from sleeping but from waking.” -ACIM

Until we wake up individually, we will not have peace. Until we wake up as a people, we will not have peace.

The neglect, the fear of the unknown, and the comfort in the familiar has put us in a compromising place. And what we are compromising is our freedom. I don’t mean our personal rights, I mean our happiness as a birthright. Who we are is love. Who we are is peace. Who we are is awareness. And until we begin to live from that space, we will continue to suffer. Not only that — but we will continue to question ourselves and wonder what life is all about.

I can tell you that life is not about work. It is not about money. It is not about “getting ahead.” It is not about war. It is not about “well I’ll do something when they do something.” It is not about “when the time comes.” It is not about “one day.” It is about right here, right now. It is about YOU. It is about your true nature — Love! You are Love. I’ve heard it said before that the opposite of love is fear, yet most of us base how we live our lives on fear. We choose from a place of fear instead of love. We do this over & over again, without realizing it.

James Baldwin made a comment in a video (in the 1960′s) that was spot on. He said, “The [United States] is for the first time worried about [a movement]. You shouldn’t be worried about [a movement], that’s not the problem. The problem is to eliminate the conditions which breed [a movement].”

Most people think that something will solve a problem; let’s cure the symptoms! I say, No! Let’s look at the cause! Let’s examine the root! Leave the symptoms be and bear the discomfort. Be accountable and do what it takes to radically correct the root cause. And the fastest way to do this is within each and every one of us, individually, by taking personal responsibility. And then collectively, together as a people, by sharing ourselves and our lives with each other, by sharing our challenges & changes, our personal accountability & insights — together we change the world.

If we want to feel well rested, if we want to feel free, if we want to feel secure, if we want to feel peace, if we want to feel love — then it’s time we wake up! It’s time we take off the mask that we have been programmed to wear. It’s time to be ourselves. James Baldwin said it beautifully in this quote: “Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” Love is who we are. Let’s allow Love to show us what being human is all about. Let’s let Love show us how to live.

[This blog post was an except from a post I wrote in 2011.]

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Follow-Up to Last Week’s Blog Post

luna the whale movie

If last week’s blog post was depressing in any way, I have a sweet follow-up! Definitely still see the movie Blackfish, but watch The Whale too! (It’s also on Netflix.)

The Whale is a true story of a young, wild killer whale (an orca, nicknamed Luna), who lost contact with his family on the coast of British Columbia and turned up alone in a narrow stretch of sea between mountains (called Nootka Sound). In most cases, when an orca gets separated from its family it usually fades away and dies. This young orca was different. He was alone, but he didn’t fade away. There weren’t any familiar orcas in Nootka Sound, but there were people, in boats and on the shore. So he made contact, and people welcomed him. Most of them. This contact did not turn out to be simple. It was….. The story goes on, but its a good one. It’s true, and the footage in the film is all of real moments. It’s a great movie!

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Blackfish Documentary


I highly recommend the documentary Blackfish. Please watch and share this film. Support it in every way you can. It’s available on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

“One of the most important documentaries in recent memory.”
- Philadelphia Inquirer


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Charles Eisenstein, Important Questions & Economics 101

sacred economics 101

“If you were to take a poll today of our species asking what are the truly most fundamental questions that pertain to human survival and prosperity, such as, I don’t know… What really supports human life? How does food grow? What energy is? What creates and reinforces good public health? What defines a useful or detrimental belief system? You can rest assured that the vast majority would have more concrete answers about baseball statistics, fashion trends, sitcom plots, and religious scriptures. Not to demean the cultural pleasures and creativity of expression that creates enjoyment in this life, but we have a distortion of priority, that has proven to be incredibly detrimental to the future of our sustainability on this planet. Where the majority facing clear mounting problems not only doesn’t understand what the root of such problems really are, they don’t even know what to questions ask. And today, there is no grater destructive ignorance at hand than the vastly delusional concept known as modern economics…”
- Peter Joseph (creator of Culture in Decline)

“It’s a mistake to live for the premise of security. We are here for more than just surviving.”
- Charles Eisenstein (author of Sacred Economics)

This week I feel more like reading & listening than speaking & writing. So I’m not going to give my thoughts, or go into detail about why I selected those quotes to share with you. If you want to know more about Peter Joseph’s quote, watch Economics 101. <–just click that link
But I will leave you with this video of Charles Eisenstein on London Real. It’s embedded below for you. I hope you watch it.

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Do you want to be right or happy?


[I created this blog post almost a year ago. I think it's good to re-read and to be reminded. It is posted below.]

There is always room for blame. There is always a reason, an excuse, a point-of-view; why things are the way they are. Why people are they way they are. Why the world is the way it is. It’s easy to say “That’s not right. Someone or something is wrong.” But who’s job is it to correct it? To make it right. To set it straight?

The answer is never outside of ourselves. Life is always a mirror. When we see something we consider wrong; something a mess or amiss, there is always a reflection of something we personally need to clean-up or set straight. It could be a matter of ‘letting go’, or it could be a matter of taking personal responsibility for correcting in ourselves what we dislike most about others. It’s easy to say “I’m not like that” or “I didn’t do that.” But an individual life or personality is vast, there is always something within ourselves that we don’t want to see or acknowledge. Something we are doing or being that isn’t in alignment with our highest values. There is also deep-rooted misery within ourselves that we desperately need to discharge, release or defuse (if only for a moment), through pointing the finger or through seeing life as lopsided. It takes the responsibility off of us, & sets it somewhere else. This misery, or this thing we can’t put our finger on, is the very thing that gets triggered easily by others, or by life itself.

If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.
- Ajahn Chah

When I see a ‘mature’ person. It touches me deeply. I feel the truth & the wisdom in who they are being. When I say mature, I am using the word as this quote does: Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself (quote by John Macnaughton). But when I read that quote, I don’t think that it means to put yourself or your personal needs aside & to place everyone before you — but to see that there is no separation between you & anything in the world. Turning a blind eye, tuning out, being defensive, judging harshly, or being cruel — it only means that you are ultimately treating or viewing yourself that way. In the end, everything comes back to you. Each life happens through the eyes of the one living it. Therefore, we can either fully open up to life; trust it, get intimate with it — or we can shut down, close ourselves off & wonder why life is so difficult.

carousel_lonelinessWhen there is a strong need to be right about ideas we have, or about the way life should be, or about the way people ought to behave, we set ourselves up for suffering. We actually begin to confuse ourselves, because we start to live life from the mind instead of the heart. We let fear & ego take a position of power, instead of simply allowing life to flow, & allow love to be the driving force in all that we do.

I often think of the quote: Do you prefer that you be right or happy? (quote from A Course in Miracles T-29.VII.1:9). I think of it when I see someone suffering over an idea they have about the way things should be, or when I find myself hanging on desperately to something as ephemeral as a thought. A thought that I know isn’t getting me what I ultimately want. And what can we all say we ultimately want? Everyone wants to be happy. Yet many of us are on a mind-game carousel that takes us nowhere, or better yet, to a place of pointless suffering & energy wasted. Many of us would like to get off this ride. If only we could see that we ourselves, no one else, has the power to stop it.

For me, self-inquiry helps to stop the mind-game carousel. To simply stop; to look nowhere for answers but within. To be honest with myself. To ask myself questions. To get to know myself on a deeper level. It doesn’t matter what others are doing or saying. But to witness with compassion what I am doing & saying, what I am thinking & feeling, & why. After that, my mind slows down. I become more spacious & patient, more open & tolerant — more understanding. I begin to see everyone as the same, & life itself as perfect, unfolding as it should. My breathing goes from shallow to full. My body releases its tension. My attitude lightens up. My face brightens up. My heart opens up. And my mind follows my heart, it too opens up. There is no longer a need to be right, not even a desire. To be happy is more than enough.

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Worries, Doubts & Fears….symptoms of a narrow field of vision or the cause?


Have you ever heard of tunnel vision? (Also known as Kalnienk vision.) A dictionary defines it as following: Vision in which the visual field is severely constricted, as from within a tunnel looking out. An extremely narrow point of view; narrow-mindedness. And Wikipedia states that some of the causes of tunnel vision include alcohol consumption, extreme fears and distress, eye diseases, prolonged exposure to contaminated air, intense anger, etc..

Think about a problem you have. You can pick a petty one or a big one. (Really, pick one. I’ll wait for you… I want you to do this exercise. Pick a problem and take your time.) Hold it in your mind. Feel it stir emotions, blame and excuses. Feel your body become contracted and your breathing restricted. Just sit with the thought of the problem. After you have felt the changes it creates in your body, watch this video. Watch it all the way through — don’t read ahead until you do.

When you have a greater awareness, greater prospective, it can free you of your stuckness, of your nature to fixate on things. In the video it’s apparent that there is a divine order of things, where everything is connected, and nothing is separate. Within that incomprehensible amazingly orchestrated universe… is us. Me & you — worrying, doubting, and fearing something that will inevitably change. Because what does life do? It changes.

I got this idea from Wavy Gravy. But I’m going to put my own twist on it. I decided that when I move to my new home, I’m going to pick a wall and prominently display a pair of funny glasses. And when I get too serious, or when I’m in an argument, or heated discussion, I’m going to put on the funny glasses and continue to process and articulate my serious & important thoughts. And I will have several pairs available! So anyone taking life too seriously can have the opportunity to ‘see better’ and lighten up along with me.

I hate to break the news folks, but we are not in control. No one is. And while we are all together on this very mysterious & magnificent ride, we might as well enjoy it and have a little fun. We might as well love, let go, and lighten up. We might as well see our lives from a greater perspective; one that has room for everyone and everything, including the unknown. When our hearts are big enough to be filled with the universe, our eyes follow suit.

Give up the need to control. Surrender and smile. See all of life as Grace. Find something constructive in your ‘problems.’ See if they have anything to teach you, to offer you. Can they teach you to love bigger? See bigger? Play bigger? Risk bigger? Laugh bigger? Trust bigger? Give them a chance to show you something grand.

…If not, you can always come over and put on funny glasses with me.

[Video credit: Powers of Ten takes us on an adventure in magnitudes. Starting at a picnic by the lakeside in Chicago, this famous film transports us to the outer edges of the universe. Every ten seconds we view the starting point from ten times farther out until our own galaxy is visible only a s a speck of light among many others. Returning to Earth with breathtaking speed, we move inward- into the hand of the sleeping picnicker- with ten times more magnification every ten seconds. Our journey ends inside a proton of a carbon atom within a DNA molecule in a white blood cell. POWERS OF TEN © 1977 EAMES OFFICE LLC Available at]

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Do we know what we are doing? Watch Resonance Beings of Frequency to decide for yourself.


The pulse of the earth is the pulse of life itself. Human health is directly linked to the natural frequency of the planet, 7.83 Hz. We are electrosensitive beings living in an electrosensitive world. Unfortunately, this natural frequency has been disrupted. And if you live in a city it is barely detectable. You’ll have to go out to sea, or a remote location to access it. We are making it harder and harder to live in healthy environments and to have healthy bodies. This includes a healthy mind and spirit.

I can’t tell you the number of people I know that have disturbed circadian rhythms. It’s far too many. We’ve labeled it in friendly ways “I’m a night owl” or “I’m a creative type, I thrive at night” or “I work all day, I need evening hours to enjoy myself a little” or “Work & play is priority, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” But when we get to the heart of it, what we find is a vast number of people with addictions, depression, ill health and sleep problems. And the interesting thing is, we don’t even realize it. Our yard stick by which we measure health is so twisted, most of us aren’t even aware of what true health looks or feels like. We think we are doing pretty good or getting by fine, but in actuality, we aren’t — and we’re clueless.

Most people have had glimpses; moments of vitality, happiness for no apparent reason, refreshing sleep, great digestion & bowel movements, true hydration & food satiation, unconditional love towards others and clarity of mind. These glimpses show how twisted our concept of health has become! Instead of having hiccups of ill health, most of us have hiccups of good health! Involuntary spasms of feeling great is not the bar in which to measure your physical, spiritual and mental well-being — feeling great should be the standard.

If we want to learn how to restore our health and our sanity, we have to raise our level of awareness. It is the first step and the most important one. This will be an ongoing and very gradual process. It takes time, patience and dedication. The video I embedded below is a start, it’s titled Resonance Beings of Frequency and it will change how you look at your life. It’s a well done documentary film that shows a few key problems that we can address immediately.

We are all responsible for the state we are in, and we are all responsible for its reversal. Each one of us desperately needs to dive fully into the journey of unlearning. Along with this goes a changing of direction, a major compass shift. This shift is the enlightening and healing of the self, which will lead to the healing of the planet. Which really, is one and the same, and our natural frequency of 7.83 Hz is proof of that.

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